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As 2011 comes to a close, I have to look back at all that has happened in my life this past year, and wonder WTF happened?!? It’s been a year filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and a complete shift in my focus. In my life and with this blog.

Up until that fateful day in September, when I interviewed Penelope Trunk, my main focus in life was to quit my job and become an online entrepreneur. My world revolved around hating my job, writing about hating my job, and telling my wife how much I hated my job. I was not in a good place and as you can tell from my writing, was quite bitter, angry, and resentful (among other things).

And then the interview happened and my whole thought process was questioned. The interview did much more than just bring new readers to my site. It opened my eyes to what I was missing, why I am doing this, and to the fact that I was full of shit.

Yes, it was a much needed slap in the face and because of it, I am looking at things differently and doing things differently now. In fact, in my mini self development sabbatical, I decided that I was going to start a project of sorts. One that would change my life for the better and would also help others in the process.

Of the many books I’ve recently read, one specifically gave me the idea for my project. It was then when it hit me that I needed to playing a bigger game with my life. Just living to quit my job and become an entrepreneur wasn’t enough. And while my vision has been short sighted for many years, I realized that life is not about chasing the next best thing, trying to find all the solutions to my problems, or achieving magnificent things.

For me it’s about finding happiness in my life. It’s about embracing each day with excitement. It’s about enjoying the limited amount of time I have here and doing something that fulfills me.

Is it blogging? Is it being a super successful online entrepreneur? Is it about personal training and teaching people how to live healthier? Is it about sitting on roof top deck drinking Fat Tire beer in Boulder Colorado? Is it about accepting life for what it is?

These are some of the questions I intend on answering.

I plan to challenge my personal best, my self imposed limiting beliefs, and my comfort zone like I have never done before. And I’m doing it in 2012.

The “Project”

I don’t really have a name for this whole thing, but I’ve been calling it my project thus far. I have not been purposely trying to be dramatic or suspenseful about the whole thing, I just didn’t want to share too many details before their time.

I will be officially beginning my project on January 2, 2012 and my post that day will explain exactly what is going to happen. For now, I will tell you that I’m doing something that scares me, excited me, and is overwhelming all at the same time.

I will also tell you that I am involving a small group of individuals who will be taking this journey with me. This blog has become very self centered over the last few months and it’s time to start focusing outward as well. There is no reason for me to do this publicly if I’m not going to be trying to help people. I could just as easily not write about what I’m doing.

Actually, that’s much easier…

Action, Not Words

I could easily write a book on all the lessons I’ve learned  in 2011 or about all the advice I’ve received since the interview. But I’m not going to do that.

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know all too well that I over think and analyze everything to death. And when it’s dead, I analyze it even more!

No, it’s time for action now.

No more 2,000 word posts talking about my feelings or about what I want to do. 2012 will be the year I start doing shit. Whether I fail or succeed, it doesn’t matter. I am doing the things I think will help me become a better and happier person and regardless of what it ultimately looks like, I’m going for it.

And I’d love for you all to be a part of it.

The whole focus of my blog is going to be one of positivity, hope, and inspiration. It’s going to be about living our lives in a better way. It’s going to be about finding what makes us tick.

We will never achieve anything great by setting small goals. We must learn to aim high with our goals and take massive action towards them. Yes, the “A” word. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way and as much as we want to stay in our comfort zones and do what we’ve always done, we can’t if we want a better life.

My project isn’t about spending a month challenging myself. It’s not about getting all the things on my to-do list checked off. No, it’s about using the next 12 months to start my life over. It’s about taking the miserable, tired, frustrated, and lost person I have become and changing it.

It’s about recreating my life by doing things I’ve never done, having conversations I’ve never had, and being a person I’ve never been.

And I’m not doing this alone. I have chosen a handful of great people who will share their journeys as well. It’s going to be exciting, full of highs (and I’m sure lows), and will be the real deal. This is life.

Yes, 2012 is going to be a good year.

A BIG Thank You


There are no words to describe all the kindness that’s been shared on this blog nor for all the people who have taken their time and spent it reading and interacting here.

Without the help of my community, this blog would be just another guy talking about hating his job. But it’s taken on a life of its own and has become something very special.

The following people deserve recognition for the advice, wisdom, and support they’ve given me and I am so very thankful to have them as friends and peers.

  • Marcus Sheridan. Over the last few months, Marcus has become a true friend and mentor and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have gotten to know him. Rarely do we find a person who impacts us on a deep level and is truly interested in our success and happiness. He’s given me some of the best advice I’ve ever received, taken his valuable time to support me, and asked for nothing in return. This will tell you all you need to know about the constitution of this man.
  • Danny Iny. Danny, better known as the Freddy Krueger of the Internet, has become an invaluable resource for me on a personal and business level. He has been incredibly gracious with his time and knowledge and has inspired me on many occasions. He has been the rock for me when I doubted myself or considered quitting. I consider myself blessed to have captured his interest and for the fact that he has joined me in my journey in 2012. And although he will be behind the scenes during the year, his wealth of knowledge and coaching will be critical to my success and I’m so excited that we’ve formed this relationship.
  • Penelope Trunk. What can I say? She put me on the map with the ass whipping she laid on me during our interview. I’m not sure what else can be said about this that 50,000 words haven’t already said. And that’s just in the comments. Penelope gave me the greatest gift she possibly could have when she questioned my goals, motives, and actions. It forced me to look truthfully at these things and I didn’t like what I found. Thank you Penelope.
  • Paige Burkes. Paige is a person whose name I cringe at when I see it in the comment section or in my inbox. Why? Because she tells me exactly what’s on her mind, good or bad and pulls no punches. I won’t lie, I’ve been offended and even hurt by some of her comments but that’s because of the painful truth in them. She has been through the shit I am going through now and is trying to help me get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. I’m very fortunate to have someone like her to keep me honest and true to myself.
  • Allison Reynolds. I received an email from Allison back in July telling me that she had been reading my blog and listening to my Podcasts and had been in my situation. She offered to help me with the business aspect of my blog and I took her up on it. Over the course of several months, we spoke frequently, shared ideas, and worked towards creating a product together. And then my inaction and lack of direction began to frustrate her. And rightfully so. Ultimately she decided to go her separate way and I can’t blame her one bit.  I kick myself in the ass for blowing the opportunity to work with her because she had some incredible ideas and we could have done great things together!

Of course there have been many more people who have contributed to this blog and supported me in some fashion. I can only say a sincere “thank you” to everyone and look forward to an incredible 2012.

So get ready for big things here and if you’re curios about what lies ahead, please sign up for email updates.

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42 thoughts on “Coming Soon To A Blog Near You”

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the “honorable” mention! After wallowing in unhappiness for so much of my life and finally finding the path out, it’s my mission to help as many others find that path too and support them in following it to happiness.

    I wish the absolute best for you! I’m looking forward to sharing a Fat Tire with you on a rooftop in Boulder (or Florissant) in celebration of all the unbelievable things you’ve achieved in 2012. I’ll keep a few chilled for you. ;)
    Paige | Simple Mindfulness recently posted…Mindful Finances: How Noticing Your Feelings Can Change Your ResultsMy Profile

    1. Paige,
      I’m going to take you up on your offer! Thanks for always calling me out on my bullshit as much as I don’t like to see it…

  2. Good stuff Steve – i’ll be looking for great things from you this year. your earlier posts remind me of ‘me’ in my 30s, so i can relate! I’m still looking for an online business, just haven’t found the right fit yet. best wishes to you JA

  3. Looking forward to next year. To be honest, I haven’t read your last few posts completely. Once I sensed the “my life is bad” rant, I exited out. I found your blog a couple months before “the interview”. Your posts around that time had struck a nerve with me and were enjoyable. Since the interview, they’ve kind of spiraled out. However, based on today’s post, I may be back as long as you do what you say and deliver on some action. I love following the stories of people starting out and building an income to the point where they can quit their job. Have a safe New Year.
    Jason recently posted…How Much Do You Want To Make With Adsense?My Profile

    1. Jason,
      Prior to my interview with PT, I wrote mainly about hating my job and creating an online business that would allow me to quit my job. After the interview, I did much work on myself and learned a great deal about what I wanted in life. The turn in my writing is a result of these findings and I am no longer focused on just quitting my job to work online, but rather to find what really makes he happy and to become a better person.
      I know I lost readers because if the change, but it’s what I need to do.

  4. The other night, I dreamed it was January 2nd. You announced that you were going to participate in several bicycling tours (especially in New England) that coincided with business-y workshops that you were either holding or going to. I was excited because you were making a few stops in Maine, but really, you don’t strike me as an avid bicyclist.

    My mind is a scary place.

    1. That’s pretty funny.. I am definitely not an avid bicyclist, but have recently started riding again..
      I do like your workshop idea though…that’ may be something I do in the future :)

      1. Nothing specific right now, but they will be in the area of improving my health. As of right now, I’ve been battling a hellacious bug for three weeks and would give my left ‘nut’ to feel better! I have lots of weight to lose as well as much dietary improvement to make. I’m also moving this weekend, so I have to reassemble my place before back to work on Monday. :)

        1. Wow..good luck with all of that. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for 14 years, so feel free to hit me up for advice..

  5. Definitely not easy to realize that you’re full of shit — let alone publicly acknowledge it! So now that I’m here (came by way of Ruth Zive), I’m on board and can’t wait for the big announcement.

    Seriously. Can’t WAIT!

    Best of luck to you in 2012…


      1. Good for you! Do you have a family? Just curious because many of us (including me) use having kids as an excuse not to do something like this. Either way though, that’s awesome that you made the jump!

        1. I do — and in fact, I’m a single mom! My kids are 12 and 9, and I only recently came to the realization that I should do it BECAUSE of them. After all, I want them to see me making brave choices that underscore my confidence in my abilities to make our lives better. It’s the scariest decision I’ve ever made (still worry I may have to create a diet based entirely on Top Ramen…), but so far so good!
          Mikalee Byerman recently posted…Jesus is My Trash Man: A Christmas Story (Sans Secret Ovaltine Message…)My Profile

          1. That is awesome! I’ve often felt the same way but have lacked the balls to just go for it. My circumstances may be different (and possibly more dire), but it’s really inspiring to hear that you did what you did.
            And as far as Ramen noodles, I’ve been there and it ain’t fun!

            See you around :)

      1. So happy to see Mikalee here!

        I can attest to the fact (having read most of her blog posts) that Mikalee’s situation was pretty dire (it involved a brick…an actual brick). I think perhaps she had desperation working in her favour. Desperation can be a huge motivator – I know in my case, leaving my job instantly created a sense of desperation that I would have no income. Which left me with no choice but to hustle. Hard and fast.

        Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post Steve. 2012 is going to be a gem!
        Ruth – The Freelance Writing Blog recently posted…The #1 Writing-Related New Year’s Resolution that Can Explode Your BusinessMy Profile

        1. I have spent sometime on Mikalee’s blog and she definitely has something special there. I see how things have been coming together for you since you “had” to make your business work. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that same sense of desperation and have allowed myself to get “comfortable” in my situation even though it’s miserable.
          Big changes on the horizon though…here’s to a great year, my friend.

  6. Hi!Steve,
    I wish to you and yours a great 2012. I can´t wait 2nd, 2012 to know what you will to do. I am sure that will be a good job. Aaron and you are two persons that had made contribution a lot about teaching English and helping people with their goals, like life coaching as well. Thanks for all. I´m looking forward to see you around. Good luck.

  7. Hiya Steve,

    ‘Actions not words’ couldn’t agree more! A lot of people at my uni talk the talk but don’t actually do the work and then don’t get the results so those of us who do the actions instead of just speaking the words get the results!

    Hope that 2012 is all you want it to do Steve!
    Harriet recently posted…Blackberry Curve 9380My Profile

    1. Hi Harriet,
      I’ve learned this the hard way! All my talk has gotten my very little and it’s changing right now!
      Happy New Year to you :)

  8. Hi Steve, as I discovered you because of your Trunk roasting, I can only say I am glad you took the hit for both of us, as you said a massive wake up call.

    I look forwards to seeing what you have planned for 2012 but I am sure that it will be actual progress.

    Good luck and see you on the 2nd

    igor Griffiths
    igor Griffiths recently posted…Marketing with Passion is Not Enough!My Profile

  9. Thanks, Steve! I understand fully your problems and I am able to relate to them, because, I think, currently I am going through the same situation that you were in some time ago. I am so terribly not happy with the my situation and don’t quite know what to do. Actually I do know, but I prefer to do everything my way, and this is the problem how to find MY way. Tell me what you think about it. i have started a blog. I am writing in Russian and English, and I would appreciate your comments. regards Svitlana.
    Svitlana Avramenko recently posted…Ferguson: Ten Bloggers Speak OutMy Profile

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