As you know by now, my job sucks. It sucks six ways to Sunday. However, I have managed to compile a list of the 10 worst jobs I could think of. These jobs may not be all that bad for some, but for me, it doesn’t get any worse.

This list may piss some people off, but that’s OK because I’m always pissed off myself..

  • Comcast Customer Service Representative. If you have Comcast as your cable, phone, or Internet provider, than you know what I’m talking about here. The service level of this company is pitiful at best. Calling for help is actually worse than not calling at all. These people seem to hate their jobs, hate the customers, and don’t even try to hide it. I at least have my own office, albeit tiny, but these folks are set up in cubicle pens and have to share the bathroom with 200 other people. Ewwww.
  • Cashier at any T.J. Maxx store. T.J Maxx is where out of date clothing and apparel goes to die. It’s cheap, dirty, and understaffed and attracts a certain unsavory clientele. These stores often seem to have close to a 100% foreign workforce and there always seems to be 10+ people in every check out line. Getting paid minimum wage for dealing with co-workers I can’t even communicate with doesn’t sound too appealing to me. I’ll pass on this one.
  • Porta-Potty Serviceman. Not good. Why anyone would voluntarily become employed cleaning outhouses is beyond my scope of understanding. Even for a juicy six-figure income, I would have to turn this one down. A truly shitty job…
  • Rookie City Worker. Working for the city seems like a boring job as it is, but when you’re new, you get the dump jobs. Standing on the side of the road with a STOP sign for hours on end would get old faster than Brett Favre’s retirement plans. If you are privileged enough to get the “good” jobs, then you get to spend your days working alongside guys who look like Willie Nelson on crystal meth. Fun…
  • Human Billboard. This is the lowest form of unskilled worker there is. If you can stand, you’re hired. What an incredible waste of time. Certainly, these people must be able to do something else with a small amount of effectiveness. What puts the nail on the coffin is when they have to wear a costume to boot. Now they’re bored stupid and hot.
  • Rosie O’Donnell’s chair/mirror (tie). Self explanatory.
  • Mall Kiosk Worker. This mind numbingly boring job has to be one of my least favorites. Not only are you selling junk that nobody wants to buy, but you are the red headed step child of mall workers. When the 16 year old zit faced geek working at GameStop thinks your job sucks, it does.
  • Mall Security Guard. Sticking with malls, this is another position that sends chills down my spine. What if I had to do this job?? Chasing down petty teenage thieves and wrangling up loiterers is probably as much fun as watching the LPGA Tour En Espanol. The good news is that there clearly is no physical testing required prior to acquiring this job. I am confused though as to how these people can actually catch the bad guys.
  • TSA Worker. These airport workers can be identified by their pissed off expressions, way too tight uniforms, and general lack of interest in helping you get to your flight on time. It’s bad enough that I am stuck with my current boss, but it might actually be a step above working with this motley crew.
  • Sales Clerk at Best Buy. Imagine a job that requires you to answer the same dumb questions all day and have to smile while doing it. If that sounds like fun, then this might be the job for you. This job also requires a vast working knowledge of multiple digital products and offers very little reward for said knowledge. If I knew everything there was to know about digital camera’s, Blu-Ray HD players, and the XBOX 360, I don’t think I would be too happy earning $8 an hour and getting a measly 15 minute lunch break. The good news is that they get to wear those snazzy blue polo shirts.

There, now I feel better about my situation. Of course, if I lose my job I may just end up working one of these jobs. Gee, I hope nobody that works at one of these places actually reads this article……

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