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The Most Important Thing

When I decided to start this blog, it wasn’t because I wanted to get rich, become an Internet celebrity, or to be a “make money online” guru. I’m doing this so I can be with my daughters whenever I choose because that’s what I want to do more than anything else! The day will come […]

Time Goes Quick, Make It Count

For most Americans, the traditional way of life includes going to school, finding a job, getting married, raising a family, and retiring at age 65. That’s all fine and dandy, but have you ever thought about how much time is actually spent in the years between getting a job and retiring? The average American worker […]

The Blogging Roller Coaster

Being relatively new to the world of blogging, I have just begun to experience all that the blogosphere has to offer. This blog for example, has been up and running for less than a month and I’ve already managed to learn a great deal. What amazes me the most thus far is the extreme highs […]

You Have Chosen….Poorly

Life is tough. When you have an unpleasant job, an overbearing boss, too little time, too much credit card debt, not enough savings, and a mortgage you can’t afford, life is tougher (read: sucks big time). Now, I’m speaking to all the people out there who are in this situation and need to understand that […]