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ETG Podcast 6: A Drive Down The Millionaire Fastlane With MJ DeMarco

ETG Podcast: Episode 6 I had never heard of MJ DeMarco until about a month ago when I was listening to one of Pat Flynn’s Podcasts, in which he interviewed MJ. I was literally blown away by MJ’s story and his philosophies on success and business. MJ DeMarco is a self-made multi-millionaire and the author […]

What Is The Point Of Life?

This is a guest submission by Torre from I remember the first time I thought: This is what life is about? Work to live? Live to work? What is the point? I was 21 years old when I landed my first professional job after university. Having just moved out of my parents’ home to […]

ETG Podcast 5: The Interview Made Awesome By Johnny B Truant

ETG Podcast: Episode 5 I’ve been a fan of Johnny’s blog since I first found it about 8 months ago. has seen rapid success largely in part to his unorthodox approach to online business. He will be the first one to tell you that he breaks all the “norms” of Internet marketing and does […]

Everyone Has A Breaking Point

This is a guest submission by Benny from Thanks to Steve for giving me the chance to share my story. If you didn’t know me and I told you what I owned what would you think? I live in a 1900 sq ft home two story home I drive a 2002 BMW M3 I […]

Living Someone Else’s Life Isn’t Nearly As Fun As It Looks On Quantum Leap

This is a guest submission by Kelly from If you’d asked me when I was 10 what things would be like when I grew up, I would never have said I hoped I’d be frazzled, dissatisfied, and vaguely resentful most of the time. I didn’t dream about learning to sync my boss’s iPhone to […]

ETG Podcast 4: Illuminate Your Mind With Jonathan Mead

ETG Podcast: Episode 4 I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Mead’s blog, for over a year and love his writing style, his passion, and what he’s teaching his readers. Jonathan has build an incredible business online doing something he loves, and that something is helping people achieve freedom in their lives. I won’t lie, […]

100 Posts In And The Journey Has Just Begun!

Today marks the 100th post for Ending The Grind and I am so excited about the future of this blog. It’s been 7 1/2 months now and I’ve met some incredible people and learned a ton along the way. 100 posts isn’t actually that many in the world of blogging, but it marks a milestone […]