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Summer Grilling: BBQ Your Job with a Side of Success

This is a guest submission by Emelie from The snooze button on my black alarm clock is worn white because I dread Monday mornings. Just five more minutes… Please… Five more minutes before I drag myself from bliss to boredom. For five days a week for the last eight years (that’s over 16,600 hours […]

interview with Srinivas Rao

ETG Podcast 10: Getting Skooled By Srinivas Rao

ETG Podcast: Episode 10 I’ve been listening to Srini on BlogCastFM since I started my blog and have always been impressed by his style and his skill. He has the uncanny ability to extract a massive amount of great information in a short amount of time in his interviews. He is also the main inspiration […]

How To Drop Out Of Everything And Succeed Anyway

This is a guest submission by Dusti from My name is Dusti. I am 23 years old, and I have had 36 jobs. That is not a typo. I feel it’s an important detail to share because I don’t have the standard “I left my awful job in a cubicle to go be amazing” […]

Take Your Life Back. Or Don’t

Think I want you to do something right now. I want you to look back at your life as it was 10 years ago. Take a few moments to really think about who you were then, where you were in life, and what you had to look forward to. There’s a good chance you were […]

Standing Up and Not Making Sense: The Pursuit of Freedom

This is a guest submission by Eugene from The School Years I’ve always fallen into things. From the very beginning, schoolwork came easy to me. And I became really good at providing exactly what the teachers/professors wanted while putting in minimal effort. This allowed me to get into honors programs in school. Followed by […]