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Falling Down

Given the recent turn of events on my blog, many of you are probably expecting me to announce all the projects I’ve started and the progress I’m making. You might even be expecting me to announce a product launch! After all, I’ve put myself out there and made a public commitment to creating a business […]

The First Steps Towards Freedom Are The Steepest

In my last post, Viva Las Vegas and The Winds of Change, I dropped some really heavy stuff on you all. I made some pretty powerful proclamations of wanting to change my life in a number of areas and plan on becoming a better person all the way around. Over the past year of writing […]

Viva Las Vegas And The Winds Of Change

Aaaah, where to begin? I’ve been laying low for the last few weeks, mainly because I was in Las Vegas, but have also been sorting my thoughts and trying to make sense of everything that’s happened with my blog. While in Vegas, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on my situation […]

How To Succeed At Getting Your Ass Kicked By The Internet

This is a guest submission by Shane from April 11th, 2011, the day that will forever be etched in my mind.  Two significant things happened that day which would force me to make decisions I was not even aware I would have to face.  Welcome to leaving the grind and losing your safety net […]

The Ultimate Magic Trick: Escape From The Box

This is a guest submission by Cara from We all want to love our lives, do meaningful work, and enjoy ourselves. It’s strange and unfortunate that so few people actually do that. If you’re like me, you probably think it’s something for other people, not you–only special, magical people can make a living doing […]

Betrayed By The System

This is a guest submission by Hector from It’s easy to hate your job and it’s easy to hate what you do. It systematically shifts the blame to someone or something else and lets you focus on that, as being the real source of the problem. What we fail to realize is that while […]

At The Crossroads. Ending The Grind At One Year

Well, it’s official. I’ve been at this now for one full year. As many of you know, it’s been an interesting year for this blog. Throughout my life, I’ve always had an all or nothing type of mentality towards my hobbies or projects. I either get totally enveloped in them or quit. Call it a […]

From Here, The Only Way To Go Is Up!

First off: Holy shit! Secondly: HOLY SHIT! Since posting my article The Truth About Being Remarkable and Giving a Shit last week, things have been pretty crazy around here. The comments and emails have been pouring in I feel like all I’ve had time to do is answer them! Now I know what Adriennne feels […]

I’m not Happy. You’re an Ass. I Quit- A Story About Beginning The Entrepreneur’s Journey

This is a guest submission by Lauren from “I’m just not happy.” I finally admitted it to myself. Well, I guess you could say I always knew I wasn’t happy in my job, but it wasn’t until then that I let myself believe there was another way for me. It wasn’t until then that […]