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Who Is Your Personal Hero?

A few days ago, I was presented with the idea of writing about my hero by my friend, Danny Iny. And to be honest, I had no real interest in writing about it mainly because I have never thought about who my hero was! Sure, I’ve had mentors and people who I’ve looked up to […]

A Personal Question; What Does Transformation Look Like To You?

When I started my year long journey on January 2, I knew one thing. And that was this was going to be a year of change and progress. The goal from the start has been to begin taking action towards improving my life. My life has become a miserable grind over the years and I […]

A Lot Can Happen In 17 Days

So it’s been 17 days since I introduced The Year Of The Grind. In that time, I quit my job, made $80,000 on a massive product launch, and moved my family to the tropical island of St John’s. Well, not exactly. But I have been up to some very good things… The Start Of Something […]

Small Changes and Shared Ideas

Well the year is off to a good start for me. After almost quitting this blog altogether less than a month ago, I am feeling great about my new direction here. Since committing to this project, I have a new outlook on my everyday life. I am consciously making decisions based on my goals as […]

Leaping Off The Edge

My name is Shane and I am an entrepreneur of a different kind. This is a short version of me. A Short Background I raised myself on the streets of a small town, slept in a tent in the front yard to avoid violence in the home, and managed to look at it all with […]

The Man Behind The Curtain

A Lesson From The Bard Maybe you have felt like this before. I know I have. I’m the type of person who’s driven…but not always in the right direction! No matter how stressed I get. No matter how busy I make myself doing something important. No matter how much I do…It’s all for nothing. It’s […]

Writers, Like Teeth, Are Divided Into Incisors And Grinders

I’ve been told to be my authentic self and to write using my most natural and genuine voice.  So here it goes folks – warts and all – your very first glimpse of the oh-so-complicated life and times of Ruth Zive. I stumbled upon Steve’s blog through happenstance.  It was likely a provocative comment he […]

How To Make 2012 A Year Of Exponential Growth – Personally And Professionally

Hello! I’m Tom. You probably don’t know me, but since you’re here, I can be pretty sure that you know all about Steve. Over the past few months, we have probably shared something in common. We have been wondering when Steve was going to get off his backside and take action. Although I have an […]

I’m Here To Learn

In Wednesday’s post, Meet The Grinders, you well..met the grinders. What I failed to mention is that next week I will be posting their stories Tuesdays through Friday. In their posts, you will get to learn a bit more about where they came from, what they are doing now, and what they hope to accomplish […]

Meet The Grinders And Join The Circle Of Trust

No, I’m not actually calling this the circle of trust, but you have to admit, it IS funny! In Monday’s ridiculously long post, I introduced my project for 2012. It involves me, four online entrepreneurs/friends, you all, and a shit ton of action. And after spending multiple hours writing, rewriting, and reading that post, I […]