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crazy wild love

How a Harvard Grad Who Hated Her Job Started a Crazy Wild Love Movement

This is a guest submission from Alexis from I was 22. Like many other 22 year olds, I had just gotten out of college with excitement and ambition. I had majored in “Management” even though I found it a bore, but I thought at least it’d be a safe job and could buy me […]

life is short

Grab Today By The Balls Because It Just Might Be Your Last

I think about this every day. Every single day. Life. Is. Short. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I have a very strong stance on how short I believe life to be. I’m a huge advocate for finding what it is that lights you up inside and going after it with all […]

You Too Can “Just Quit”

My name is Ridea Richardson and before there were lots of blogs on this subject – I “Just Quit” my job. I had graduated in 2001 with a Masters Degree in Human Resources Development (HRD), while I was still working in Purchasing for an Automotive Manufacturer.  I was making a ton of money, and I […]

The Thunderous Sound Of Silence

This is a story of a very special person. If you are on my email list, then you have heard me speak of one of my personal training clients, Linda (not her real name of course). Linda is a middle aged woman, mother of 2 indignant grown children, and wife to a estranged husband. Her […]

Sometimes You Have To Close Your Eyes And Leap

This is a guest submission (the first since 2011) from Michaela from I should have known there was a problem in my marriage when I allowed myself to come this close to having an affair with a co-worker; a co-worker who wouldn’t have been given a chance in hell if I’d been single (sad […]