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Get Ready To Wake The Fuck Up

As I walked through the doors to the bar, my head hung low from another painfully long day at the office, I glanced up to see an old friend sitting there with a big smile. The truth was that I really didn’t want to be out having a beer. All I really wanted was to […]

The Life And Times Of A Card Carrying Underachiever

This is a guest submission from Sabra Kay Before you read her post, I wanted to share the email I got from Sabra after she sent me this post. I really admire her willingness to put herself out there for all to see. “I pretty much let loose with all of it, so I am […]

You Can Do It, Put Your Ass Into It

Yea, just like the Ice Cube song, you CAN do it if you put your ass into it. Although the song is definitely not about building a business or pursuing your passions (unless your passion is getting laid), it’s a great metaphor for going after what you love. Think YOU Have No Confidence? I graduated […]

being rejected

Being Rejected Sucks, But It Changed My Life

This is a guest submission from Stephen Guise from Have you ever been told—directly or indirectly—that you’re not good enough? I have, and here’s how it changed me. Summer of 2010 brought sweet freedom in the form of a completed college degree in Finance. And after two decades of school, I was finally free […]

full of shit

You’re Full Of Shit (And I’m The Shit Remover)

So there you are, pretending to work like a good employee and counting down the hours until the end of the day. It’s only Tuesday morning and you’re already bored to tears. And as you think about the rest of the week and how you would like to be doing something else, anything else, you […]

How Taking A Risk And Moving To Chile Saved My Life

This is a guest submission from Bud Hennekes from The statistics don’t lie. A recent study showed over 70 percent of Americans are unfulfilled in their career. Are you part of the 70 percent? I know I was. Maybe you don’t like your boss. Or perhaps you know you can do more. Different story, […]

Getting Pissed And Saying Fuck You To The Rules

I’m pissed. I went for a run today and in the midst of listening to “Titanium”, I got to thinking about my life. By all accounts, I have it all: A thriving personal training business, ample freelance writing work, total flexibility over my schedule, 2 incredible daughters, and a wonderful relationship with a highly supportive […]

Confessions Of A Highly Creative Introvert

This is a guest submission from Andy Mort from My birthday. Again? Already? I felt no different from last year, or the last five years for that matter. But the statistics don’t lie. Number of years lived: increasing at an alarming rate. And I was telling myself the same old story yet again. ‘This […]

Your Time Is Worth Much More Than You Think

When I wrote my post, Grab Today By The Balls Because It Just Might Be Your Last, last week, my goal was to try to get you thinking about how short life is and how everything we hold most dear can be gone in an instant. It was intended to be a wake up call […]