If you’re like me, you are probably constantly looking at all the negatives in your life. Good habit, I know…

Life can be a tedious, monotonous, and difficult grind and for many people, it’s truly sucks.

With this in mind, I’ve come up with the top 5 reasons your life might suck.

  1. You’re in a job you HATE. This is obviously #1 on my list for a reason. Being in a dead end job, working for an asshole, or just plain loathing your job is a predicament that millions of people find themselves in. Having to go to work is part of life and it pays the bills but it can still suck the life out of you. Trust me, I know!
  2. You’re in a lot of debt. I’m not talking about your car loan or mortgage, but rather a big ol’ pile of unsecured debt. I’ve been here so I know firsthand how overwhelming and stressful this can be. Credit cards are fine if you can manage them properly, however, many of us simply can’t do it.We get all crazy and think we can spend what we want and worry about the bill later. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for massive debt and it’s very hard to get out of it once you’re there.
  3. You have no goals for the future. This is a common mistake that 98% of people make. They don’t have any clear, measurable goals for their future. I’m far from the poster child for goal setting and just started to write them down myself. It’s been proven by every self-help guru on earth that goal setting is a MUST if you are going to reach your potential. Hell, I just want to make some money, you say?? What’s all this reaching your potential talk??  Ok, fine, if you don’t care about that then at least set your sights on something attainable. Step 1-Figure out what you want to accomplish (i.e. the goal). Step 2-Figure out how you’re going to get there. Step 3-Write it down and use specifics and time frames for completion. Step 4-Take action on it every day.
  4. You are fat and lazy. I’m the last person to bash a person because of their weight, but let’s get serious here. Being overweight is not going to make your life suck, but being a fat slob most likely will. Let’s face it, feeling great, confident, and positive is hard enough for fit and healthy people. But when you’re carrying around excessive amounts of fat on your body, feeling like shit, and have almost no energy, life will suck and suck bad. Did I mention that I’m a personal trainer?? How about that for a motivational speech!! As far as being lazy, there is NO excuse. Get off your ass and do something that will make your life better. Yes, it’s hard and will be a struggle for a while. So what, do it anyway! The only way to get yourself out of lazy man syndrome is to get active, accomplish things, and change your lifestyle.
  5. You get no respect. This one is for us married men and most of you know what I’m talking about here. Men need respect to thrive, that’s a fact. We need that confidence to feel our best and we need our wives to give it to us. However if you’re in a marriage that falls short on respect and runs high on telling each other where to stick their head (not mine of course :0), then you have a big problem.You see, when men don’t get the respect we need, we lose our ability to make decisions effectively, take control of situations, and be the head of the household (read: pantsless wuss). I know from experience a close friend that this is a slow, painful, and embarrassing road leading to a sucky life. Your solution is to grab your pair, take control, and make shit happen.Women love a man who can get stuff done. Fix your garbage disposal, plan next weekend’s activities, set up a working budget, just get something done. Oh, and make sure it’s done right or it gets even worse…

If any of these has hit too close to home, good! That’s why I wrote it. Now get out there and make it happen already..

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