The grind sucks, plain and simple. We are working our asses of for little more than a paycheck in return. We are trapped in the rat race, overworked, and under appreciated. Life is far too short for it to be spent this way.

We need out!

We are not building our future, but rather someone else’s.

This has to stop TODAY!

If not today, then when? We will procrastinate ourselves right into a lifetime of mediocrity.

I’m so tired of trading my precious time for dollars? Aren’t you?

It sounds so simple, right? If your job sucks, then quit or go find another one. Not quite.

While that certainly is a possibility, so we really want to leave one shitty job for another? Or would you rather build something for yourself that could provide you the lifestyle you want? I’ll take the latter every day of the week.

So, what can we start doing TODAY that may allow us to do just that?

Build Your Empire

The Internet is the biggest goldmine ever known to man. The entire world is your potential customer. Billions of people are online right now and the potential is unlimited for the person who can reach just a small fraction of them on a personal level.

Now, there are a million and one ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing, niche sites, lead generation, membership programs…the list goes on and on.

What about a blog? Some say it’s not a good business platform. I say it’s a perfect platform to reach your ideal customer. Most of you reading this are bloggers. Some are hobbyists and some are looking to make a real run at making a sustainable, profitable business.

If you are serious about making your blog a long-term business, then you need to make sure you are doing things better than the other guy.

The Online World Of Average

As I discussed in my post, How to Stand Out In The Online World Of Average, the Internet is literally flooded with crap. Poor writing, poor designs, and poor marketing all contribute to this issue.

If you are looking to build a successful blog, you NEED to stand out and be unique. There is simply too much competition not to be.

If you’re anything like I was about 8 months ago, you have little idea how to be different and unique.  I’ve spent a great deal of time reading, researching, and connecting with people who are highly successful and I know I can help you create a blog that will stand out and get attention!

I Can Help

The first thing a blogger needs to do is take a long, hard look at what they are currently doing. Often times, we cannot see what’s right in front of our faces and we need a neutral party to offer us feedback.

Once we understand our shortcomings, we can proceed forward.

Chances are you’re frustrated by your results (or lack thereof) and aren’t sure what to do next. Should you create that email newsletter first? Should you focus on building relationships on Twitter first? Should you try to increase your RSS subscribers first?

There are legitimate questions but can be overwhelming. We have so many things that we want to do, we end up doing nothing.

I know because I’ve been there. I’ve been so frustrated that I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. Luckily, I didn’t and instead, I opted to educate myself.

If you’re stuck, frustrated, or just plain lost, I can help you! I offer a comprehensive blog review service that will look at every aspect of your blog to determine what needs to be improved upon.

Here is what my service is all about

A detailed analysis of your:

  • Blog content
  • Layout
  • Design
  • Usability
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media use
  • Keyword selection

What you get:

  • A comprehensive 6-8 page PDF report with the issues that need attention and the recommendations on how to fix them.
  • A 30 minute call discussing your report. I will gladly answer any questions you may have.
  • 5 Q&A emails to follow up with your report. You will surely have questions about the steps to take and I’m here to help in any way I can.

Why it works

  • My blog review works because I will tell you why you are not seeing the growth you want and exactly how to improve it.
  • It works because I have spent an insane amount of time figuring out what makes a blog grow. I’m here to save you hundreds of hours of your valuable time trying to figure this out for yourself.
  • I have had excellent reviews from past clients.

Here are a few words from satisfied clients:

“I’ve struggled with getting traffic to my site outside of the small travel blog community I’ve built and Steve was also able to give me SEO information that made sense! I’m a writer, not a computer programmer, and I tried to learn about SEO on my own to no avail. Steve was able to take a complex (to me) subject and lay it out in laymens terms”

~Kim from

“Steve identified some major flaws with my current site design and overall branding. He then suggested several steps I should take to fix the flaws and improve my blog. It stung a little bit when I read his comments about my site, but I knew his suggestions would take my blog to the next level.”

~David from

You Have Nothing To Lose-Except More Of Your Life

Seriously, if you really, truly want to create an online business with your blog, you have nothing to lose by hiring me to review it.

I offer a complete 100% money back guarantee. No hassles at all. If there is anything you are not happy with (even my font selection), I will gladly return your fee.

To be very honest, I want to help you build your blog. I’ve seen sooo many people lose interest because they simply didn’t know what to do.

I plan to build my online business ethically and know my reputation is at stake here. I truly believe I can help your blog become better. Better at reaching your audience, better at increasing your visitors, better at building connections, better at creating compelling content.

Now is the time to take action on investing in your business. My guarantee assures that this will be completely risk-free.

My fee is a one-time payment of $137 and I think that is more than fair given the amount of time I put into each review. This is not a cookie cutter review. I will pore through your blog and give you specific recommendations for your goals.

Take action right now, you will not be disappointed.

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