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I Am Myself

This is a guest submission from Ricky Ferdon at The Grind Of The Marina I worked at a marina for 22 years, being operations manager the last nine. I was the guy in charge. Everything rolled downhill to my lap. I was in charge of maintenance, hiring and firing, customer relations, insurance, everything. The […]

Calling All Grinders

First off, I want to thank those of you who have shared your opinions with me about the future of this blog. I honestly want to make this blog the best resource possible, which is the reason I wrote my post asking for feedback. I’ve received a number of comments and emails with suggestions on how […]

The World Is Your Oyster, Now Go Find Your Pearl

Can you remember a time when you were doing something like watching a movie, taking a walk, or maybe looking at something beautiful and were overcome with an incredible sense of motivation, hope, or inspiration? It’s an indescribable feeling of power and one that can change your life if you act on it. Those moments are few […]

8 Inspirational Blogs That Can Ignite Your Passion

As a blogger, I feel it’s extremely important to build relationships with other bloggers. After all, we are all interconnected on the web and it’s amazing how small it seems when you really get involved in the blogging community. Everyone seems to know everyone else and it’s almost like one big family. Well, it’s like […]

A Little Help From My Friends

After much thought and discussion, I have decided to turn this blog into a sanctuary of happiness and tranquility. You can find my new site at If you actually believe this, you’re fired! Now get out. Actually I AM changing some things on this blog and need some help from anyone who even cares […]

The Theory Of Positivity

It was brought to my attention recently be a concerned reader, that the overall negative and pessimistic tone of my blog had turned him off and may be turning other readers away as well. Up until this point, I hadn’t thought of that as being a concern. It’s interesting because my traffic and subscribers have […]

Show Me The Money

No, this post is not about how I am going to sell you some incredible eBook or how I plan to make a million dollars online in the next few years. No, this is about something much different. I actually received a comment on my blog from Leah at suggesting that I write a […]

Are You Trapped In Groundhog Day?

Well, it’s Groundhog Day… again. Time to get up and start your ever familiar daily routine. For many of us, our days consist of basically the same things over and over. Depressing…. If you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day, you’re missing out on a true classic. The basic premise is that Bill Murray’s character is […]

20 Simple Ways To Turn Your Bad Day Into A Great Day

If you haven’t noticed already, I tend to be a somewhat cynical and morose writer. That just comes from living the grind for so many years. I write from the heart and evidently my heart is filled with darkness and misery. If you struggle with the day to day grind of life, you know how […]

Beyond Bored Straight

If you’ve never seen the television series, Beyond Scared Straight, it’s about troubled teens being sent into maximum security prisons to get a taste of what they have to look forward to if they continue on their current path in life. They then proceed to shit their pants and cry for mommy. This article is […]