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Baby Got Back

I bet you wish this was about booty shaking and early 90’s hip hop, don’t you?!? Unfortunately, it’s not quite as exciting as all that but I do want to talk about something that’s vital if you are looking to make a change in your life. And that’s having a support system. Whether it’s your […]

Don’t Give Up On Your Passion. Ever.

This is a guest submission from Ron Schaffer from Actually, this wasn’t intended to be a post at all. Ron sent me an email in response to a post I write a few weeks ago and he took a great deal of time to try to help me answer some of the questions I […]

6 Months And It’s A Whole New World

This is a guest submission from Lauren from Have you ever been, or are you, in that inertia-filled place in your life when you wake up each morning thinking, “What the hell am I doing with my life? I don’t even have a damn clue as to where to start to answer this question! […]

Is Following Your Passion A Terrible Idea?

Truth be told, I have been struggling a lot lately with my mission. My mission, as I have made clear to you all, is to inspire people who feel stuck in a boring, unfulfilling, or downright shitty job or relationship. But my goals are not as clear. Yes, I want to help as many as […]

OK, I Surrender. Now Get Me Out Of Here!

This is a guest submission from Laura Jones from I’ve always known I was meant to be an entrepreneur. Maybe that’s because of my issues with authority. Or my insatiable desire for freedom. Or the fights I put up whenever I feel restricted. What can I say, I’m feisty. Don’t fence me in. But […]

The Not So Comprehensive Guide To Getting Your Shit Together

Last week I wrote a post called 8 Things I Know About You and received quite a mixed response. From people calling me out on my offensive language to people calling it the most passionate article they’ve ever read, it was still a post I felt very good about writing. Shortly after publishing it though, […]

Embracing My Inner Rebel

This is a guest post from Carla Krueger from I was a rebel as a youngster – someone who took risks, truly explored places and had lots of (legal) fun most adults frowned at. The motivation to be creative and do exciting things continued into my teenage years and onto University, where I was […]

live your passion

8 Things I Know About You (And You Won’t Admit)

I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert in the field of human nature. I’m someone who can spend 10 minutes talking with a person and have a pretty good understanding of who they are, what they value, and what their life is like. This skill has served me well over the years and […]

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Sorry, But Online Business Ain’t All Unicorns And Rainbows

This is a guest submission from Alden from Quit your shitty job. Tell your crappy boss you’re done and leave. You decided to do what you love instead. You plan to create a business out of your passion instead and also make the world a better place. There will be no more nine to […]

I’m Talking To You, Stupid

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and expressed some of my feelings in my post last week, The Struggle Within. I’ve come to the realization that when I am not being completely true to who I am, then I am failing myself and all of you. It wasn’t an easy post to write […]