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It’s easy to hate your job and it’s easy to hate what you do. It systematically shifts the blame to someone or something else and lets you focus on that, as being the real source of the problem.

What we fail to realize is that while we make a conscious decision to “hate our job” and ending our grind, at a subconscious level what we are really saying is “I am not responsible for the way things are in my life.”

The result of that is living angry, being miserable and consequently allowing our emotions get in the way of the real reason behind why we really desire to quit our jobs. In the process we fail to discover our true purpose in life.

I want to share and offer you a completely different perspective on why and how I am Ending My Grind – Why?

Because I am actually thankful to my job!

An Academic Super Star

It all started when I was about 12 years old and about to enter the 7th grade. My mother, the most educated person in our house hold with an 8th grade education, sat me down for a talk and still to this day her words remained ingrained in my head.

She said, “Hector, from this point on, it’s all up to you. I will do everything I can to support you and make sure that you have everything you need for school but I cannot help you with your work. I want you to be the best student you can be so that you don’t have to live like we do. If you want to make a great life for yourself be a great student, pay attention in school and get good grades. You’ll surely find a job with a great company one day that will pay you lots of money.”

So I made a promise to myself that I would not disappoint my mom and did exactly as she said!

For the next 9 years of my life my primary objective was to become the best student possible so that one day I could get that “high paying job”

By the time I graduated high school, I had obtained an internship with NASA and a top Energy Corporation in Houston. I was the Founding President of a non-profit Technology based alumni organization and played a key role in a “perseverance in the community” documentary titled Breaking Through.

City leaders took recognition at my accomplishments, given my age and economic background, that my story and journey to Texas A&M University was featured in the front cover of Houston’s major newspaper, The Houston Chronicle.

College was no different and my goal was to step it up another notch and work even harder. If I was going to get the “high paying job” I needed to get the grades so there was no time for jobs. I would take every student loan and most credit card offers that came my way.

When I finally graduated in the Fall of 2008 earning my Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management, I had accomplished my mission and the promise I had made to my myself – I had become the best student I could possibly be, following my mother advice!

I had become such a great student that my success story landed me in the White House in Washington D.C, where I was invited by the President of the United States to be in attendance during a Social Innovations event with many other political leaders.

To some people, my accomplishments may not have been a big deal but to folks back home, I was the talk of the neighborhood. People just couldn’t figure out how I went from being nobody to being invited to the White House by the President of the United States.

Amidst all of my success, I still had one very large problem. My vision of getting the “high paying job” that would result to living the life of my dreams was fundamentally being challenged”.

Recessions and Regressions

There is a very common saying in corporate America that says, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Well, I call BS!

Recessions don’t care who you are, what you know or who you know!

After college, corporate America had hiring freezes across the board. No one was hiring! The worst part of it all was that I had incurred well over $45,000 in student loan and credit card debt with no way to pay it back.

I knew there was something incredibly wrong with the system but I just could not pinpoint where the problem had occurred.

After 8 months of job-hunting, I finally obtained a job as a Software Program Manager. Finally, every thing would be OK  – or so I thought!

Three weeks after I was hired top-level management decided to do some “company re-organization”, code for layoffs, and people in my own group started losing their jobs.

All of a sudden, the fears and stresses of losing my job resurfaced. I started working harder, waking up earlier to beat traffic and be at work earlier, working through lunch, staying late and even working from home in the evenings.

I was killing myself at the age of 23, and for what?

To earn enough income to pay minimums on my student loan and credit card debt after adjusting for cost of living!

I felt betrayed by the system but I knew deep within me that there had to be another way. I refused to be a victim of my circumstances and I would not allow my life to be controlled by fears, anymore!

Paradigm Shift

When I was in high school, a co-worker at one of the internships I was working, gave me a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and asked that I read it.

I said, “Thanks, sure I’ll read it” and never opened the book once!  However, I kept the book throughout my last years in high school and all through college.

One day, while I was looking for answer and trying to figure out where I had gone wrong in life, I heard a voice in my head that told me, “look for the book and read it!”

Without thinking twice, I impatiently looked for the book and started reading as soon as I found it.

The ideas and concepts that Robert Kiyosaki presented to me in that book were so revolutionary that I literally could not put the book down and read the entire thing in 2 days!

Never in my life, I had read anything with such vigor.

Everything finally made sense!

I did nothing wrong in my life that lead me to be where I was, in fact, I had exceeded what everyone expected of me.

After much study of analysis, I realized that the Fundamental Flaws of my life were that I had spent my entire life learning how to become an employee AND I knew next to nothing about how money really worked – I had no Financial Intelligence!

You see, the real reason why I was superstar inside and outside of the classroom was not because that’s what I wanted to be.

The reason I excelled in everything I did was because that’s what everyone around me conditioned me to believe was what I had to do, in order to live the life I wanted.

Sadly, that was far from the truth!

Internet Entrepreneur Connection

I realized that if I was ever going to live the lifestyle that deserved to live and be able to provide it to those I loved, a job was never going to allow me to do that.

I had to fundamentally recondition my thought process from the Wage System into the Profit System and that meant becoming an Entrepreneur.

Over the next year, I dedicated myself to the study of Entrepreneurship, Wealth Building and Financial Intelligence and what I found literally made my heart skip a beat.

I discovered I was not the only one that had gone through the same set of circumstances after college. In fact, I found that there were millions of people across the United States, young and old, who had the same views and same exact beliefs I had but who had not made the Connection to the truth about what was required for prosperity in life, yet.

In August 2010, I decided to launch a blog called Internet Entrepreneur Connection that would serve as the platform for that very reason.

My mission would be to lead out of the rat race those who had been grossly misguided, but who were also committed to the change that would lead them to the life and financial prosperity, through Entrepreneurship, Wealth Building and Financial Intelligence education.

Ending The Grind

I believe that we all have a purpose to fulfill in this life.

Throughout our lifetime a set of circumstances will play out in our lives and we can choose to go about our daily routine and ignore them or we can choose to vibrate at higher levels to thinking to reason and understand what our duty is in this life.

Some people will read this and choose not to believe saying, “Yeah Right!”

That’s the beauty of this entire thing. You can choose to believe or not. It’s entirely up to you but you must be able to take personal responsibility for the outcome if your life.

I believe the reason I am here today writing this very post you are reading is because I was chosen by god or the universe or what ever higher power you believe in, to lead people out of a life of misery and lack and into a life of prosperity and abundance.

You see because if I wasn’t poor growing up, my mother would have never pushed me to become the best student I could be, I would have never excelled academically as great as I did, I would have never had an internship in high school that lead me to discover Robert Kiyosaki’s book, I would have never gone to college and graduated with $45,000 in student loan debt, I would have never been unemployed and searching for answers, I would have never read Rich Dad Poor Dad, I would have had a Paradigm Shift, I would have never started Internet Entrepreneur Connection, I would have never met Steve and finally I would never written this post that you are now reading.

Like me, you also have a purpose! You just have to start looking for the clues around you that will lead you to discover what that is.

As for me, I am thankful to my job! I am thankful that they made things so uncomfortable for me in the workplace that I was motivated to act and do something about my circumstances.

If you believe in what I just said above about my purpose however, then you’ll know that my job making me uncomfortable was just another piece of the puzzle coming together to ultimately lead me to understand my purpose in this life.

I am thankful to my job for helping me discover the real reason behind my decision to start Ending My Grind.

Now it’s your turn to discover yours!

Hector Avellaneda is a Direct Sales Internet Business owner and the founder of Internet Entrepreneur, a blog that chronicles his entrepreneurial journey and focuses in assisting those who are ready, to learn how to make their money work for them, so that they don’t have to work for their money, the rest of their lives.

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