When I started blogging back in 2008 on my fitness site, I knew absolutely nothing about the online world. I also had zero money to invest in learning how to do it so I taught myself how to use WordPress, read about a dozen books, watched a ton of how-to videos on YouTube, and talked with everyone I could about blogging.

I was able to learn quite a lot for having no prior experience with websites or Internet marketing, but I still knew very little.

Unfortunately, I still didn’t understand how to market my blog and therefore received very few visitors. Nothing saps your will to blog like having nobody read your best content.

I became very frustrated and decided to reevaluate my goals for building a successful and profitable blog.

I had been searching and searching for that 1 thing that I thought would be my ticket to online success, but it never appeared. I have heard from many successful bloggers that it’s absolutely vital to be passionate about the topic you blog about.

The problem was that I wasn’t passionate about anything….

While I truly enjoy being a personal trainer and teaching people how to live healthier, I found that I wasn’t able to sustain the level of motivation I needed to continue to write good, quality blog posts. My content suffered as a result of my lack of effort and I decided to look for another blog topic.

I started reading as many articles and eBooks as I could to try to help me gain a better understanding of what I could possible write about and be successful. Most people can probably figure out their passion relatively easily, but with all the stresses in my life, I was stuck in a mental rut and needed some outside help.

I’ve been in the financial services field, a field that I cannot stand, for almost 9 years. Although I could have tried a lot harder to get out, I have always felt trapped there. It never dawned on me that my real passion WAS my job!

My Passion

My passion was how much I hated it and how I felt like I was literally wasting my life by being in a cubicle reading research reports and creating spreadsheets all day.

As my mind started spinning a million miles an hour, I started to get very excited about the thought of blogging about the daily grind of shit jobs with shit bosses. Within a few days I had my domain name purchased, web hosting ready, and a theme picked out.

This was just over a month ago and I have been absolutely loving writing posts about what I care about…my freedom. Freedom from deadlines, freedom from dick bosses, freedom from staring at a computer and wishing that I was some place else..anywhere else.

My aim here is to provide a blog that will resonate with others that are in similar situations and want to get out as well. Hopefully I can share what I have learned thus far and help those that are even newer at this than I am.

It’s hard to imagine that I could actually teach people a few things about blogging or figuring a way out of a dead end job, but I’m gonna try my best.

Please leave a comment or contact me to let me know what I can do better, do more of, or do less of.

Thanks for reading.

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