Back in February 2011,  with my blog only 4 months old, I was writing my heart out and things were going well. And as much as I loved sharing my personal story about my miserable job, my goal was to create an insanely valuable resource for people who, like me, felt trapped in their soul crushing jobs.

So I decided to open my site up for guest posts and began to share stories from like minded people from all over the world.  And in a few short months, I had a back log of posts from bloggers, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees, all wanting to share their insights and personal stories of tragedy or triumph with the world.

And it was awesome. The feedback I received was very positive and the fact that there were so many different people and different ways they ended their grinds really seemed to help others get a better perspective on their own grinds.

All in all, I published more than 50 guest posts/stories and only stopped when I was gearing up for my YOTG Project.

Guest Posts Reloaded!

Now that I’ve been back writing here for 4 months, I’ve had a chance to get some valuable feedback and feel like now is the time to start sharing guest stories again.

It’s going to be a bit different this time around and I’m interested in hearing from people who have not only ended their work related grinds, but any grind.

I don’t want to limit this blog to discussing quitting your job. Ending the grind can mean many things and I want to help people get out of whatever is holding them back from being happy, doing work that matters, living without fear, or improving their quality of life.

For me, the end of my marriage meant the end of a very difficult grind, one which I felt I had to somehow hold on to even though it was killing me. It was when I finally made the decision to split that was I able to start healing and growing as a person.

We all have grinds in different ways and I want to hear from those of you who have conquered theirs.

So here is what I’m really looking for:

  • Personal accounts from those who have successfully ended their grinds. Whether it’s the shitty job you quit or the unhealthy relationship you ended, I want to hear how, why, and when you escaped and what you’re working on now to become a happier person.
  • Something that will be highly useful. For example, many of my readers are looking to create online businesses, so those who have successfully done so, I want to hear when you started it, how you built it, and what you are doing now. There should be concrete takeaways or a healthy dose of inspiration. Preferably both.
  • Make it interesting. I’ve received far too many posts that appear to have been written by Data from Star Trek after he smoked a pound and a half of weed laced with Xanax. Don’t be fucking boring. If you were so angry at your boss that you wanted to piss in their morning coffee, I want to hear about it. (no photos if you actually did it!)
  • Make it between 800-1,200 words or so.
  • Send it as a Word doc and I’ll handle the formatting.
  • Use a catchy headline. I suck at writing them, so don’t expect me to be of any help here!
  • No need to attach a photo. I’ll take care of it.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Beginning the week of 5/26, I plan to post one guest story per week, so let’s get rockin’ on this!

I honestly want this to help people, so please don’t try to pitch me if you are just looking to add another website to your “Featured In” list. I’m also pretty strict with content quality and grammar, so expect some edits.

To submit, either use my contact form or email me directly at steve [at] endingthegrind [dot] com.

Thanks to all of you and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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