As part of my new “Office Space” Monday posts, I thought it fitting that I start with this scene. Office Space is such a simple movie, yet pretty much sums up the mundane lives of millions upon millions of hard working Americans, including yours truly.

When I think of Mondays, I don’t see Monday Night Football, I see 5 full days of working at a desk, listening to the phone ring all day long, and being bored out of my fucking mind! Yea, Mondays suck big time.

I remember being in high school and dreading starting a new week of school. Friday night was awesome, Saturday was good, and Sunday was the precursor to a new week of sleeping at my desk learning. This mentality has carried over into our working lives and is a source of anxiety for many of us.

Looking down the barrel of a 40 hour work week is depressing enough, but if you hate your job, it’s a whole lot nastier.As mentioned in my post, I AM Peter, I pretty much live this movie every day, without the luxury of Jennifer Aniston.

Now, after almost four years at my current job, my days are starting to melt together in a blur of financial plans, Mutual Fund wholesalers, and paper cuts. Most days seem to move incredibly slow and from time to time, I swear it stops altogether.

If all this sounds way too familiar, I’m sorry to hear that. The good news is that it can’t get that much worse. The worst case scenario is that we get fired and although it would suck big time in the short-term, it may just be the best thing that ever happened to us.

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