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The Longest Product Launch In History

On a chilly autumn day almost 5 years ago, I sat down at my computer and started typing my first ever blog post. Roughly 30 minutes and 27 grammatical errors later, I was officially a blogger and ready to take the Internet by storm. Yes, was born on October 11, 2010 along with my […]

Don’t Give Up On Your Passion. Ever.

This is a guest submission from Ron Schaffer from Actually, this wasn’t intended to be a post at all. Ron sent me an email in response to a post I write a few weeks ago and he took a great deal of time to try to help me answer some of the questions I […]

Leaping Off The Edge

My name is Shane and I am an entrepreneur of a different kind. This is a short version of me. A Short Background I raised myself on the streets of a small town, slept in a tent in the front yard to avoid violence in the home, and managed to look at it all with […]

The Man Behind The Curtain

A Lesson From The Bard Maybe you have felt like this before. I know I have. I’m the type of person who’s driven…but not always in the right direction! No matter how stressed I get. No matter how busy I make myself doing something important. No matter how much I do…It’s all for nothing. It’s […]

Writers, Like Teeth, Are Divided Into Incisors And Grinders

I’ve been told to be my authentic self and to write using my most natural and genuine voice.  So here it goes folks – warts and all – your very first glimpse of the oh-so-complicated life and times of Ruth Zive. I stumbled upon Steve’s blog through happenstance.  It was likely a provocative comment he […]

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

As 2011 comes to a close, I have to look back at all that has happened in my life this past year, and wonder WTF happened?!? It’s been a year filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, and a complete shift in my focus. In my life and with this blog. Up until that […]

Calling Bullshit On Myself

In September, Penelope Trunk called bullshit on me. In our interview, she called me out on a number of issues such as having no goals, avoiding reality, and blogging for the wrong reasons. In November, Marcus Sheridan called bullshit on me for being all talk and no action and for being way too caught up […]

Fear Of The Almighty Dollar

It sounds ridiculous, almost to point of abject laughter. Who in the hell is afraid of money? Well, Obviously I’m not afraid of the physical bills, although paper cuts do sting something awful…No, it’s what money itself represents to me. Success. Do I want to be successful? Yes. Do I want to be independently […]

Taking One Step Back And Ten Steps Forward

It’s become painfully clear that I am spending far too much time thinking about my life, my business, and just about every other damn thing possible and not doing much about it. This is not the way to improve my situation or build a business. Obviously. So it has to change. Period. The Fear Of […]

The Wheels Are Finally Starting To Turn

If you’ve read my last post, Falling Down, then you know that there is a lot of stuff rolling around in my head right now. Emotions are all over the place and life recently got a whole lot more interesting… I really can’t get too personal with this right now, but suffice it to say […]