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When Your Head’s Up Your Ass You’ll Probably Never Like The View

This is a guest submission from Peter Mis from LivingHalf How did I end my grind? I took my head out of my ass. Amazing what I was now able to see. How The Hell Did I End Up Here? I spend my days in a box. Inside this 42 square foot box is […]

Betrayed By The System

This is a guest submission by Hector from It’s easy to hate your job and it’s easy to hate what you do. It systematically shifts the blame to someone or something else and lets you focus on that, as being the real source of the problem. What we fail to realize is that while […]

Being The Boss Of Me

This is a guest submission by Abby from So, what did I want to be when I was little? What I wanted to be: I can’t distinctly remember every ambition, but I know there was a marine biologist, an actress, a baseball player, Mariah Carey, a teacher (for the summers off, not the humanitarian […]

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

This is a guest submission by Matt from At work we always joke about winning the lottery. It’s a dream that many people fantasize about. We equate money with success, security and the freedom to do whatever it is we desire. But most of us will never win the lottery. And so we work […]

Making the Best Out Of Your Corporate Job and Preparing for the Great Crossover

This is a guest submission by JK from I’m an entrepreneur. Looking in from the outside, my current method of work may not display that of a traditional entrepreneur – but I am one. My business is me (my unique skill set and experience) and my client is my employer. Unlike some, my experience […]

Summer Grilling: BBQ Your Job with a Side of Success

This is a guest submission by Emelie from The snooze button on my black alarm clock is worn white because I dread Monday mornings. Just five more minutes… Please… Five more minutes before I drag myself from bliss to boredom. For five days a week for the last eight years (that’s over 16,600 hours […]

The Choice To Leave Behind A "Normal "Life

This is a guest submission by Julia from There are many things I could say about why I decided to up and leave a job, an apartment, bills and family in New York City to experience life in Costa Rica. I was tired of working 10 hour days as a teacher who was making […]

Confessions Of A Serial Quitter

This is a guest submission by Sally from I don’t mean to brag or anything (okay, maybe I do – just a teensy bit), but this whole ending-the-grind thing? I’m, like, an expert at it.  You see, I haven’t held down a single job longer than three years since I was eighteen. (Which was […]

Finding the Bridge Between Your Passion And The Job You Hate

This is a guest submission by Eric from The Internet is full of entrepreneurs and “wanna-be” entrepreneurs suggesting that you quit your job and pursue your passion.  Some take a conservative approach and wait until they are earning a sufficient income outside of their “9 to 5” job, while others abruptly jump off the […]

Everyone Has A Breaking Point

This is a guest submission by Benny from Thanks to Steve for giving me the chance to share my story. If you didn’t know me and I told you what I owned what would you think? I live in a 1900 sq ft home two story home I drive a 2002 BMW M3 I […]