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being rejected

Being Rejected Sucks, But It Changed My Life

This is a guest submission from Stephen Guise from Have you ever been told—directly or indirectly—that you’re not good enough? I have, and here’s how it changed me. Summer of 2010 brought sweet freedom in the form of a completed college degree in Finance. And after two decades of school, I was finally free […]

How Taking A Risk And Moving To Chile Saved My Life

This is a guest submission from Bud Hennekes from The statistics don’t lie. A recent study showed over 70 percent of Americans are unfulfilled in their career. Are you part of the 70 percent? I know I was. Maybe you don’t like your boss. Or perhaps you know you can do more. Different story, […]

Confessions Of A Highly Creative Introvert

This is a guest submission from Andy Mort from My birthday. Again? Already? I felt no different from last year, or the last five years for that matter. But the statistics don’t lie. Number of years lived: increasing at an alarming rate. And I was telling myself the same old story yet again. ‘This […]

crazy wild love

How a Harvard Grad Who Hated Her Job Started a Crazy Wild Love Movement

This is a guest submission from Alexis from I was 22. Like many other 22 year olds, I had just gotten out of college with excitement and ambition. I had majored in “Management” even though I found it a bore, but I thought at least it’d be a safe job and could buy me […]

You Too Can “Just Quit”

My name is Ridea Richardson and before there were lots of blogs on this subject – I “Just Quit” my job. I had graduated in 2001 with a Masters Degree in Human Resources Development (HRD), while I was still working in Purchasing for an Automotive Manufacturer.  I was making a ton of money, and I […]

Sometimes You Have To Close Your Eyes And Leap

This is a guest submission (the first since 2011) from Michaela from I should have known there was a problem in my marriage when I allowed myself to come this close to having an affair with a co-worker; a co-worker who wouldn’t have been given a chance in hell if I’d been single (sad […]

Calling All Grinders: Reloaded

Back in February 2011,  with my blog only 4 months old, I was writing my heart out and things were going well. And as much as I loved sharing my personal story about my miserable job, my goal was to create an insanely valuable resource for people who, like me, felt trapped in their soul […]

How To Succeed At Getting Your Ass Kicked By The Internet

This is a guest submission by Shane from April 11th, 2011, the day that will forever be etched in my mind.  Two significant things happened that day which would force me to make decisions I was not even aware I would have to face.  Welcome to leaving the grind and losing your safety net […]

The Ultimate Magic Trick: Escape From The Box

This is a guest submission by Cara from We all want to love our lives, do meaningful work, and enjoy ourselves. It’s strange and unfortunate that so few people actually do that. If you’re like me, you probably think it’s something for other people, not you–only special, magical people can make a living doing […]

I’m not Happy. You’re an Ass. I Quit- A Story About Beginning The Entrepreneur’s Journey

This is a guest submission by Lauren from “I’m just not happy.” I finally admitted it to myself. Well, I guess you could say I always knew I wasn’t happy in my job, but it wasn’t until then that I let myself believe there was another way for me. It wasn’t until then that […]