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What Happens When You Lie At Work

This is a guest submission by Sarah from When I used to work at my office job, I was kind of a liar. Now before you start pointing fingers, judging me, or even banishing me from society for living a life of fiction (That still happens, right?), just try to hear me out, alright? […]

Confessions of a Serial Job Hopper

This is a guest submission by Sueann from Last year, I quit my job again. It was a big relief for me: I was at the worst possible position that any junior client-servicing executive could be in. My direct boss was the business development director, who hid behind me whenever clients were dissatisfied with […]

I’m Worth More Than $5 Per Hour. What Are You Worth?

This is a guest submission by Anthony from On a typical day at the grind, I usually have a sinking feeling in the pit my stomach; antsy in the knowledge that the people I am spending most of my time with are the people I care about the least. The grounding realisation that 70% […]

Knowing When to Give Up On Your Big Dream

This is a guest submission by Adrienne from Sometimes it’s okay to give up on your BIG dream. Sometimes it’s not. How do you know the difference? I distinctly remember the day I latched onto my BIG dream. I remember it just as vividly as the day I gave it up. The Coolest Thing […]

How To Ruin Your Career With A Highlighter

This is a guest submission by Illana from I woke up one day and realized that, not only was I not going to be the first female shuttle commander for NASA {thanks a lot, Eileen Collins!}, I was also probably not going to be the first female president of the U-S-of-A. The funny part […]

Stepping Off The Corporate Treadmill Into The World Of Self-Employment

This is a guest submission by Lindsay from When people ask me why I’ve lived in 7 cities, 5 states and 3 countries in the last 10 years, I typically make some joke about having a quarter life crisis. If a quarter-life crisis is about reevaluating your priorities and changing your direction, then I’ve […]

Knowing When To Kill Your Job

This is a guest submission by Nathan from Five years ago, I had a secure job, excellent pay, and the freedom to do my work without micromanagement. Yes, I was living in a cubicle most hours of the week, but heck, I had just won a quarterly employee award (ok, it was an award […]

Live A Great Life Every Single Day

This is a video guest submission by Bernardo from My name is Bernardo and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do things I love every single day of my life. My biggest wake up call to start my vlog and kick my sharing of my gift with the world on overdrive came […]

How To Drop Out Of Everything And Succeed Anyway

This is a guest submission by Dusti from My name is Dusti. I am 23 years old, and I have had 36 jobs. That is not a typo. I feel it’s an important detail to share because I don’t have the standard “I left my awful job in a cubicle to go be amazing” […]

Standing Up and Not Making Sense: The Pursuit of Freedom

This is a guest submission by Eugene from The School Years I’ve always fallen into things. From the very beginning, schoolwork came easy to me. And I became really good at providing exactly what the teachers/professors wanted while putting in minimal effort. This allowed me to get into honors programs in school. Followed by […]