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Life Is Short. Make It Wide

This is a guest submission by Colleen from “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and glorious life?” – Mary Oliver Go Big or Lagom Lagom (lah-GOME) is a Swedish word. I don’t think there is an equivalent word in English. To my best understanding lagom means ‘just […]

All That Glitters…Can Cause Blindness

This is a guest submission by Kathy from To the outside world my career was glamorous. I traveled the world; dinner in Paris, lunch in Buenos Aires. I interacted with interesting people; I met with Hollywood studios, I read scripts years before the film release date. I once attended a week long meeting held […]

What Is The Point Of Life?

This is a guest submission by Torre from I remember the first time I thought: This is what life is about? Work to live? Live to work? What is the point? I was 21 years old when I landed my first professional job after university. Having just moved out of my parents’ home to […]

One Simple Event And I Was Never The Same

This is a guest submission by Justin from I always consider my transition from employee to entrepreneur as nothing less than a complete leap of faith. If I were coaching or consulting with an aspiring entrepreneur right now, I would suggest a much more structured and careful approach to the whole thing. Having said […]

Here’s To Going Balls To The Wall For What You Love

This is a guest submission by Kristin from At one time or another, almost everyone I know has said, “I wish I could travel more…make more money…live anywhere in the world…live better, healthier, happier…etc.” Have you heard this? Have you felt it? I felt it, about a year ago, despite the fact that my life […]

Overworked, Underpaid, And Fed Up: How I Dumped The Grind To Be My Own Boss

This is a guest submission by Kristin from It was out of necessity that I looked for and found my miserable office job in early 2009. I had just started graduate school and was no longer working as a peer tutor at my undergraduate college (a job I adored, but had to leave when […]

A Life Of Regrets Is Not An Option

This is a guest submission by Earl from Back in 1999, I left home for a 3-month, post-graduation backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. At the time, I wasn’t too concerned that my bank account consisted of only $1500 as my plan was to return home and enter the real world after those 3 months […]

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Hey everyone, my name is John Garrett from over at I do art, comics, graphic design, plus I love web and tech stuff like Joomla, WordPress, Bittorrent and other web technologies. I know you’re only supposed to blog about one thing but I can’t help it! I have to thank Steve for inviting me […]

Existing Versus Living

This is a guest submission by Liv from How an English girl who grew up nowhere near the sea (and a cold sea at that) fell so madly in love with it and became a dive instructor confuses some people. I first discovered the sea whilst snorkeling as a child. During most family holidays […]

Becoming The Author Of My Own Destiny

This is a guest submission by Gwen from Escape From Cubicle World I’m not sure I can pinpoint the exact moment that I knew I was living the wrong life. The wrong “work life,” that is.  It wasn’t one specific event that triggered my realization that I was not meant to spend the rest […]