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Leaping Off The Edge

My name is Shane and I am an entrepreneur of a different kind. This is a short version of me. A Short Background I raised myself on the streets of a small town, slept in a tent in the front yard to avoid violence in the home, and managed to look at it all with […]

How To Make 2012 A Year Of Exponential Growth – Personally And Professionally

Hello! I’m Tom. You probably don’t know me, but since you’re here, I can be pretty sure that you know all about Steve. Over the past few months, we have probably shared something in common. We have been wondering when Steve was going to get off his backside and take action. Although I have an […]

I’m Here To Learn

In Wednesday’s post, Meet The Grinders, you well..met the grinders. What I failed to mention is that next week I will be posting their stories Tuesdays through Friday. In their posts, you will get to learn a bit more about where they came from, what they are doing now, and what they hope to accomplish […]

Meet The Grinders And Join The Circle Of Trust

No, I’m not actually calling this the circle of trust, but you have to admit, it IS funny! In Monday’s ridiculously long post, I introduced my project for 2012. It involves me, four online entrepreneurs/friends, you all, and a shit ton of action. And after spending multiple hours writing, rewriting, and reading that post, I […]

The Year Of The Grind

Well, it’s finally here… The year that is going to mark the turning point in my life is upon us and I am pumped! Win, lose, or draw-this is going to be the year I test myself! For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a feeling of discontentment. The kind of discontentment that […]

Fear Of The Almighty Dollar

It sounds ridiculous, almost to point of abject laughter. Who in the hell is afraid of money? Well, Obviously I’m not afraid of the physical bills, although paper cuts do sting something awful…No, it’s what money itself represents to me. Success. Do I want to be successful? Yes. Do I want to be independently […]

Taking One Step Back And Ten Steps Forward

It’s become painfully clear that I am spending far too much time thinking about my life, my business, and just about every other damn thing possible and not doing much about it. This is not the way to improve my situation or build a business. Obviously. So it has to change. Period. The Fear Of […]

My Life In 2300 Words

Thanks To YOU I was hoping to post this article yesterday, given it being Thanksgiving and all, but I just couldn’t get it done.. Given the dramatic shift in my life recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things I have to be thankful for. My focus has been on the positives and […]

Life Lessons From A Friend

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t felt like writing lately. Life has been a struggle to say the least and unfortunately, things are not going great on the home front. Out of respect for my wife, I won’t share the details of what is going on, but suffice it to say, all is not […]

Falling Down

Given the recent turn of events on my blog, many of you are probably expecting me to announce all the projects I’ve started and the progress I’m making. You might even be expecting me to announce a product launch! After all, I’ve put myself out there and made a public commitment to creating a business […]