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Ash Ambirge interview

ETG Podcast 11: Fighting Mediocrity With Ashley Ambirge

ETG Podcast: Episode 11 When I first started my Podcast, there were a few people that I knew I had to interview. Ashley Ambirge from was one of them. She has one of the most brutally honest, up front, and in-your-face blogs I’ve ever read. And I love it. Her goal is to challenge […]

interview with Srinivas Rao

ETG Podcast 10: Getting Skooled By Srinivas Rao

ETG Podcast: Episode 10 I’ve been listening to Srini on BlogCastFM since I started my blog and have always been impressed by his style and his skill. He has the uncanny ability to extract a massive amount of great information in a short amount of time in his interviews. He is also the main inspiration […]

ETG Podcast 9: Talking Risk With Tyler Tervooren

ETG Podcast: Episode 9 I found Tyler’s blog, Advanced Riskology, when I first started this blog. I was visiting tons of blogs trying to learn as much as I could and I kept seeing his name everywhere. What I found was that he had a very unique blog and his message was very clear; help […]

ETG Podcast 8: Get More Cash And Joy With Catherine Caine

ETG Podcast: Episode 8 For those of you unfamiliar with Catherine from, she is one of the most down to earth and pleasant people you will probably ever meet. Not only that, she is a fantastic marketer and is living the mythical “Internet lifestyle” that we hear so much about. I really had a […]

ETG Podcast 7: Living Prolifically With Farnoosh Brock

ETG Podcast: Episode 7 Farnoosh Brock from has been on my radar for some time now. If you aren’t familiar with her, she is one of the most sincere and sweet people I’ve met online. Not only that, but she kicks some serious blogging ass! She has had incredible success online and recently presented […]

ETG Podcast 6: A Drive Down The Millionaire Fastlane With MJ DeMarco

ETG Podcast: Episode 6 I had never heard of MJ DeMarco until about a month ago when I was listening to one of Pat Flynn’s Podcasts, in which he interviewed MJ. I was literally blown away by MJ’s story and his philosophies on success and business. MJ DeMarco is a self-made multi-millionaire and the author […]

ETG Podcast 5: The Interview Made Awesome By Johnny B Truant

ETG Podcast: Episode 5 I’ve been a fan of Johnny’s blog since I first found it about 8 months ago. has seen rapid success largely in part to his unorthodox approach to online business. He will be the first one to tell you that he breaks all the “norms” of Internet marketing and does […]

ETG Podcast 4: Illuminate Your Mind With Jonathan Mead

ETG Podcast: Episode 4 I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Mead’s blog, for over a year and love his writing style, his passion, and what he’s teaching his readers. Jonathan has build an incredible business online doing something he loves, and that something is helping people achieve freedom in their lives. I won’t lie, […]

ETG Podcast 3: Stillman Says It Like He Sees It

ETG Podcast: Episode 3 I spend a fair amount of time reading blogs. Sometimes I’m looking for specific information on improving my business, other times I’m looking for new posts to read and sometimes I find an exceptional blog. A few weeks ago, I saw a Tweet from Ash Ambirge about a blog called […]

ETG Podcast 2: Exploring The Virtual Business Lifestyle With Chris Ducker

ETG Podcast: Episode 2 Chris Ducker has to be one of my favorite people online. A naturally genuine and sincere person, it’s hard not to like him immediately. I wanted to interview him because of his passion for his business and for helping others succeed. Chris’ website,, is a wealth of information regarding outsourcing, […]