Life is tough. When you have an unpleasant job, an overbearing boss, too little time, too much credit card debt, not enough savings, and a mortgage you can’t afford, life is tougher (read: sucks big time).

Now, I’m speaking to all the people out there who are in this situation and need to understand that there is only one way out. And that way is choice!

Take me for example, I have chosen to get myself trapped in a lifestyle which I cannot seem to break free from. I chose to get married knowing that it was going to take hard work, I chose to have children knowing it was going to be much, much, more work.

I even chose to accept a job offer almost four years ago knowing full well that it would be a decision I regretted.

Everything you are and everything you have today is a direct result of your choices. I realize that this isn’t groundbreaking news, but we have to take responsibility for it.

The reason you’re visiting this blog is because you are looking to undo some of the poor decisions you have made. This is also the reason that I am writing this blog.

Now that we’ve established that choice is our only way out of the grind, let’s choose to do something about it.

Here’s What You Need To Do

  • Figure out what’s not working in your life (i.e your job)
  • Figure out what you need to do to make it better (quit)
  • Decide what action to take (find something you want to do for a living)
  • Take action towards it right this minute (start a blog)
  • Become a millionaire (just kidding)

There, I just summarized the top 10 bestselling personal growth books of all time in approximately 30 words. Yes, I am that good!

Ok, so maybe I don’t have all the answers or I’m just full of shit. You decide.

The point is that if we’re in a situation that we do not want, then it is in our hands and our hands only to make it better. I can almost see all you Catholics shaking your heads now…(what does he mean, our hands only). By the way, I am Catholic.

It’s just so sad and depressing to see so many people wandering through life like they’re obligated to work in dead end jobs, live dollar to dollar, and be content with what shitty hand life has dealt them. “I’ve got a family to support” is NOT a valid excuse for living a life full of disappointment!

Of course we are not going to throw caution to the wind, quit our jobs tomorrow, let our children starve and have our homes get foreclosed on. I’m talking about not allowing the things we don’t want in our lives being the controlling factors our lives.

I should write 2 books, ‘A Life More Ordinary‘ and “The Road Most Traveled‘ because that is exactly what is happening out there. We all would like to live less ordinary lives and travel down that other road, but it’s just too darn hard for most of us.

Take it from a guy who has made A LOT of poor choices. You can turn things around, you can work in a job that you enjoy, and you can live your life with passion.

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