ETG Podcast: Episode 10

I’ve been listening to Srini on BlogCastFM since I started my blog and have always been impressed by his style and his skill. He has the uncanny ability to extract a massive amount of great information in a short amount of time in his interviews. He is also the main inspiration behind me starting this Podcast.

I was fortunate enough to win an hour consulting session with Srini when I was first getting started and some of the things he shared were very valuable in pushing me in the right direction. So thanks again dude!

I’ve also recently become a fan of his personal blog,, which offers some great insights into personal development and success. Just think, Srini has had access to many of the best minds in blogging and the wealth of knowledge he has gained is invaluable.

This is another reason I decided to start a Podcast. Being able to pick the brains of ultra successful people! How else would I have been able to chat with Seth Godin?

If you know Srini, then you know he is all about building relationships. I think this is one of the key reasons he has seen so much success. He’s everywhere and everyone seems to know him. That’s what we ALL should be striving for…

He’s really taken off as a blogger and actually presented at Blog World Expo in New York back in April, which is pretty damn impressive…Here’s a short interview he did for them afterwards.

I really enjoyed my chat with Srini and was bit jealous due to the fact that he was sitting in a bar right on the beach in Costa Rica while I was sitting in my windowless 10X10 broom closet of an office. Someday, someday…..

In our interview, we chatted about a number of different things, such as:

  • How he was able to move to Costa Rica and build his business and lifestyle around surfing
  • The importance of taking your first step towards starting something
  • Finding and exploiting your strengths
  • Why it all comes down to relationships

Thanks again to Srini for his great interview and please don’t forget to subscribe to my Podcast in iTunes, Thanks!

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