ETG Podcast: Episode 11

When I first started my Podcast, there were a few people that I knew I had to interview. Ashley Ambirge from was one of them. She has one of the most brutally honest, up front, and in-your-face blogs I’ve ever read. And I love it.

Her goal is to challenge the status quo, overcome mediocrity, and teach people how to build a kick ass online business so they can take back their lives. She is a shining example of someone who has successfully left a great job in corporate America to pursue her dreams. And she’s doing just that!

She’s managed to develop a highly engaged community of readers raving fans and I can totally see why. Passion and emotion are just oozing out of every post. Her writing is phenomenal and she knows exactly how to reach her readers and give them what they want.

I am in awe of what she has achieved with her blog in a few short years.

When Ash released her free eBook, The Definitive Guide to Getting Off Your Butt, Finding Some Focus + Jump Starting Your Business last week, I was stoked. It’s a GREAT guide to helping people get their asses in gear and start building their business. Don’t wait, go to her site and download it now! Seriously.

Our Interview

I have to say that I really enjoyed my conversation with Ash. There is something about her that makes you want to keep talking to her. I normally hate talking on the phone (ask my wife) but I was so drawn in by our chat that we ended up talking for close to 2 hours.

No, the Podcast isn’t that long…..

I also feel shitty because I mispronounced her last name. FAIL. I tried editing it and doing it over but got so frustrated that I finally gave up…stupid Audacity….

Anyway, here are a few highlights from our call:

  • Why you can’t let your readers be indifferent towards you
  • The difference between having shared experiences and having a purpose in life
  • The importance of having a strong enough “why” to start an online business
  • The main reason people don’t buy from you
  • Why it’s critical to identify with your readers

So please do yourself a favor and listen to the Podcast and then visit her blog. You won’t be disappointed. You can also find her chilling out on Twitter!

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