ETG Podcast: Episode 13

For those of you not familiar with Yaro Starak from, you’ve been missing out. Yaro has been running his site since 2005 and is one of the pioneers in the world of blogging. He’s already forgotten more about building a successful online business than I’ve learned so far.

My first introduction to Yaro came several years ago when I was first starting my fitness blog. I had zero idea how online businesses were run. Hell, I didn’t even know what WordPress was. I was clueless and ended up hiring Leigh Peele for a 1-hour consultation call in which she told me I had to read Yaro’s site if I was serious about blogging.

Yaro’s work made the idea of blogging for income a possibility for me, albeit a very distant one.

I ended up downloading his Blog Profits Blueprint free eBook and was blown away. If you’re new to blogging (or even have been doing it for a while), it’s a great resource with tons of helpful info. He also has a ton of great Podcasts as well, including the one that introduced Pat Flynn to the world

Ever since then, I’ve been a fan of his and have watched his blog continue to grow and grow.

When I started this Podcast, I had a short list of people that I had to interview. Yaro was one of them. Needless to say, I was pretty jacked to get the opportunity to chat with him and pick his brain.

We had a great chat, which actually lasted well over an hour. So, I edited out all the really useful tips to use for my own personal gain, sorry.

kidding of course

I think you’ll find our interview pretty informative and here are a few of the highlights:

– The biggest variable between online success and failure

– The 4 big markets to consider before starting an online business

– The two major flaws that will keep you from succeeding online

– What a day in the life of a highly successful online entrepreneur looks like

– What cool new projects he’s working on right now

So, sit back and enjoy the listen and don’t forget to head over to iTunes and subscribe to my Podcast. Thanks!!

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