ETG Podcast 21

In the last year or so, I’ve spent an incredible amount of time online. Writing, reading, interacting, making friends, etc. As I began to introduce myself into the blogosphere, there was one name that I kept seeing over and over. It was always “he’s such a great guy” or “he’s helped me with xyz”, or “you need to check out his latest post”.

To be honest, I hadn’t taken the time to read much of his blog until about a month ago. Once I did though, I realized what people were talking about. Adam Baker from has a very unique blog. He’s built an very successful online business, created an awesome community of readers and fans, and is truly one of the good guys out there.

After reading through many of his posts and listening to other interviews he’s done, I decided to reach out to him and ask for an interview. Fortunately, he said yes. There were a few main reasons I wanted to speak with him:

  1. He has built a profitable online business based around his passion for personal finance
  2. He is helping thousands of people manage their debt and take control of their finances, which is obviously a HUGE issue in this country
  3. He has created the lifestyle that he wants, which allows him to spend as much time with his family as he chooses. This is my goal!
  4. He has built a great online brand and presence and has a highly engaged community of readers. He was able to do this by building trust and by being transparent with what he was doing. Kind of reminds me of someone else..

Baker had a lot of great advice on personal finances well as building a successful online business. Among my favorite points were:

  • The 2 main reasons people have such a difficult time becoming debt free
  • How we have been conditioned to overspend and what it takes to stop
  • The keys to making dramatic changes in your lifestyle
  • The misbelief that we have to take an “all or none” approach when pursuing our passions
  • The fact that almost all of us have the ability to break free from our grinds and why we aren’t doing it
  • Why solving your readers specific problems is the key to building online success

Baker really provided some great ideas and tips that most of can put into use immediately and I’m not surprised at all by the success he’s had.

He’s managed to create a nice lifestyle for himself and his family by offering his readers massive value. I’ve heard that his digital products and courses are top notch and I wouldn’t expect anything less after speaking with him.

His latest course, You Vs. Debt, is an intense 6-week program that walks people through the steps necessary to eliminate their debt. Although I have not seen the specifics of the course, I’m sure it’s going to be as high quality as his others. For this reason though, I am not using an affiliate link here. Feel free to check out his stuff and decide for yourself.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed the Podcast. I’d love to hear your comments about the interview and don’t forget to subscribe to my Podcast in iTunes.

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