ETG Podcast: Episode 5

I’ve been a fan of Johnny’s blog since I first found it about 8 months ago. has seen rapid success largely in part to his unorthodox approach to online business.

He will be the first one to tell you that he breaks all the “norms” of Internet marketing and does things his way. He doesn’t worry about keywords or try to optimize his titles for search engines. No, he just tells it like it is. He knows his shit and it sells!

He speaks his mind and it works, plain and simple.

The Twitter Story

What I like about Johnny is his straight up honesty and in your face attitude. I have to be honest and say that his brashness rubbed me the wrong way at first.

After reading his blog for a while and thinking that he was a little too full of himself, I stumbled into an interview he did at BlogCastFM. I was actually very surprised to find that he was a soft spoken, very articulate guy. Not at all what I thought!

So I sent him the following Tweet telling him so.

I didn’t think much about it until a got an email from a friend a few months later telling me I had gotten some good publicity on JBT. As it turns out, Johnny wrote a post about it titled “I’m An Arrogant Prick“. Gotta love this guy.

When I started this Podcast, I knew he was one person I had to speak with. And as it turns out, we had a great conversation.  A few of the things we chatted about were:

  • The price of entrepreneurship versus the price we pay for having a job.
  • The myth of a “secure” job, which means nothing more than knowing you will be paid for the next 2 weeks.
  • The choice between security and freedom.
  • Why you cannot afford to be boring online.
  • The worst case scenario for entrepreneurs.

I hope you find this interview helpful, I know I did.

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