ETG Podcast: Episode 9

I found Tyler’s blog, Advanced Riskology, when I first started this blog. I was visiting tons of blogs trying to learn as much as I could and I kept seeing his name everywhere.

What I found was that he had a very unique blog and his message was very clear; help people take smarter risks in life.

Tyler’s blog blew up quickly and went from 0 to 2,000 subscribers in only 3 months. He is one of the few bloggers that I can think of that had such rapid growth.

Something else that really stands out is the fact that he is earning his living online and with only one product for sale. That’s pretty amazing! It’s hard enough to create a full-time income online, never mind just from a single product!

When you visit his site, the first thing you’ll notice is his unique design and the number of comments he gets. He clearly has an engaged community of readers, which is something we all want.

He’s also got a few products available, some free and one for sale. I read his free eBook, Take This Job And Shove It a month ago and it had some great tips on getting out of your grind.

I’ve also read Tyler’s eBook, Guerrilla Influence Formula, which is 88 pages of information geared towards helping you build your online presence. I think this is a great guide for those looking for a general guide on areas such as:

  • Building trust with your readers
  • Holding contests (that work) on your blog
  • Guest posting effectively
  • The best strategies for commenting on blogs
  • The most effective ways to use Twitter and Facebook
  • Connecting with influencers in your niche

Tyler also offers a number of pretty sweet bonuses when you buy his eBook.

  • 13 workbooks which are very helpful at getting you to implement the strategies he discusses in his book.
  • 5 awesome interviews with people like Adam Baker, Colin Wright, and Erica Douglass. I listened to them all and they offer a lot of great info.
  • Tyler’s Advanced Riskology Blueprint, in which he dissects his own blog and shows us exactly how he grew his blog so quickly.
  • The Blogger’s Mastermind Video Series where he talks with 6 successful bloggers about how they built their audiences. Bloggers like Everett Bogue, Steve Kamb, and Mars Dorian can certainly teach us a lot about how to build a large audience. Very helpful stuff!

Overall, I think this is a very valuable package and I can see how he is able to support himself with the sales from it. It’s all about the quality!

He’s also has a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if it’s not for you.

If you’d like to check it out, Click here to visit Tyler Tervooren DBA Advanced Riskology.

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