ETG Podcast: Episode 15

As a blogger, I love it when I come across someone like Mars Dorian. Mars is full speed, high octane, in your face passionate about what he does. And what he does is get people off their asses in order to build a kick ass brand and online business.

And he’s damn good at it!

Mars and I share a similar niche in that we both are trying to inspire people to take action on pursuing their passions and create an online business. However, Mars take things up a notch or twenty with his raw enthusiasm, high energy, and love me or hate me approach to helping people.

It’s actually very inspiring to see someone who is ultra passionate about creating a better life for themselves. Mars practices what he preaches and is a full-time digital entrepreneur or whatever you wanna call it.

What I really like about Mars is that he’s the real deal. Getting out of your comfort zone and not giving a shit about what people think have played into his success. He pulls no punches in his writing and speaks from the heart. It’s so great to see someone let it all hang out and not follow the norm.

If you haven’t heard him speak, you definitely don’t want to miss this interview. Passion baby! That’s all I’ll say.

Here are a few of the highlights from our chat:

  • Why the need to stand out as yourself is so important in online business
  • Why the YOU X 3 approach is critical for building your brand
  • What most people aren’t doing with their blogs and why it’s killing their chances of success
  • The 2 different approaches to building your online

My hope is that you become inspired by this Podcast and go out and create yourself a killer online presence.

If you liked this interview, I’ve got plenty more great ones coming, so head over to iTunes and subscribe to my Podcast. Thanks for listening.

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