ETG Podcast: Episode 2

Chris Ducker has to be one of my favorite people online. A naturally genuine and sincere person, it’s hard not to like him immediately. I wanted to interview him because of his passion for his business and for helping others succeed.

Chris’ website,, is a wealth of information regarding outsourcing, entrepreneurship, blogging, and lifestyle design. One could easily spend all day sifting through him archives and discovering fantastic content. He is a very successful entrepreneur online and offline. He actually runs a outsourcing business in the Philippines and has over 250 employees right now.

My goal with Chris was to talk about his lifestyle, his thoughts on lifestyle design, and working towards the goal of having freedom over our time. We had a long chat (which I’ve edited down) that ended up being more than 45 minutes long. I honestly feel like I could have spoken with him for a few hours.

What We Covered:

  • His thoughts on The 4-Hour WorkWeek and the reality of it happening
  • The employee versus employer mindset
  • The role of passion in having your own business
  • The importance of solving other peoples problems
  • Why he sets big goals
  • His thoughts on having freedom over our time
  • The need to remove the word “can’t” from our vocabulary

I found Chris’ energy and passion to be infectious and I’m not at all surprised that he’s had such great success. You can find him at and if you would like some very useful information regarding how to find, hire, and train VA’s, you can download his free eBook and AudioBook at

Thanks again to Chris and thanks for listening. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Podcast in iTunes!

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