If you’ve read my post “I Guess It’s Time To Learn Twitter“, then you know that I am relatively new to Twitter. As I had mentioned, I was very skeptical of getting on Twitter mainly because it looked like a complete waste of time.

Oh, I was wrong. Very, very wrong. As it turns out, Twitter is an awesome tool for marketing and networking. As I spend more and more time on it, I find myself being drawn into multiple conversations. There are so many like minded people to converse with and it’s a great way to build new peer relationships.

The biggest positive for me thus far has been getting to chat with some of the biggest name bloggers in my niche. The traditional method of emailing an “A” list blogger and waiting days or weeks for a response is fine, but when you have the chance to actually chat with them in real time for free, it’s awesome!

Now, I’m not hitting anyone up for free tips or anything, but I am trying to have them remember my name and or/website. Being known in the blogging world is everything! If you can get the attention of someone like Yaro Starak or Darren Rowse, you are in a great position.

If you can add value to your conversations, have something interesting to say, or can be a benefit to them, you may be surprised at who responds. Personally, in the last few days alone, I have had conversations with several highly successful Internet marketers and bloggers. Of course, they probably are not going to post a link to my blog or retweet my links, but you never know.

My Approach

My approach, and I am suggesting that you do the same, is to engage with your Twitter network without promoting yourself (much). If you can offer anything of value to them, you will be ahead of the game. I’ve noticed so many people just post links or auto tweets and are not even on Twitter. Someone can literally set up hundreds of tweets to go out automatically at specific dates and times without ever having to engage with a single person.

Building relationships via Twitter is going to be time consuming, no doubt about it. Is it a good way to spend your time? That’s for you to decide. Honestly, I can’t think of too many better ways to get in front of a lot of successful bloggers.

Just the other day, Yaro Starak was discussing his experience with the p90x exercise program. Being a personal trainer and having gone through the program already, I commented on his conversation. He responded and I now had the attention of a very successful blogger and one of my mentors.

Is this brief conversation going to lead to one of my posts ending up on his blog? Probably not, but the next time he is on Twitter, he might just remember me. The possibility that we will never interact again is certainly a possibility, but it’s definitely worth trying to build that relationship.

Just the concept of having access to anyone you follow is an amazing thing and is an extremely powerful business tool. I strongly urge you to spend some time finding people you want as part of your network and talk to them. Twitter is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to become successful in their business, online or offline, so what are you waiting for?

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