So there you are, pretending to work like a good employee and counting down the hours until the end of the day. It’s only Tuesday morning and you’re already bored to tears. And as you think about the rest of the week and how you would like to be doing something else, anything else, you take deep breath and smile.

You smile because you call into your imagination your big dreams of some day working for yourself and how awesome it’s going to be. “My day is coming” you tell yourself as you feel the weight of your high stress job lifted from your shoulders for a brief moment.

And as you quietly settle back into working on your TPS reports, you forget all about your dreams…

The Curse of Daydreaming

In my 11 years working as a financial advisor, this is exactly how I managed to get through my days. Every single day, there would be a time (or many times) when I would “check out” mentally and would be instantly transported to another place. In that moment I would be hiking up Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado or sitting out on my patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean tapping away on my laptop.

Evey day without fail, I would slip out of my office and roam the downtown streets with one thing on my mind: quitting and doing something that fulfilled me.

I took solace in those walks and felt recharged after each one. I would sit back at my desk, open up those damned spreadsheets and with a renewed sense of energy, get back to work, because I knew that someday I would quit.

And while this habit literally saved me from walking into my boss’s office and telling him to fuck off on numerous occasions, it also served as a roadblock in the path of me actually doing anything about it.

Because my “someday” turned into over a decade of soul crushingly boring work.

Postponing Until Death?

full of shit

The problem is that most of us, while having great intentions of one day doing work we love and waking up happy each morning, will never act upon our dreams.

We will continue to punch the time clock and wait patiently until the day comes that we’re able to retire. We will constantly tell ourselves that when things get better, we save that extra money, we pay off those bills, etc, that we will make a change.

We won’t.

That time never comes because there is always something else to fill that empty slot. Our kid’s sports, car payments, vacations, unexpected bills and a hundred other things will get in our way.

And it pisses me off to hear excuse after excuse as to why someone “can’t” make a change. I’ve said it a million times (and actually got a tattoo of it) that life is so fucking short. Your “some day” is going to be written on your tombstone because you will die without ever having done what you really wanted.

And it call comes down to us being full of shit. We tell ourselves that things will change, but it’sĀ  facade. Deep down we know that we won’t because our fears are too strong.

Seriously, Are You Full Of Shit?

Being full of shit doesn’t make you a bad person or incapable of making changes.Ā  A few years ago I called bullshit on myself because I was all talk and nada action.

And since I’ve taken great strides to improve my own life and have learned a great deal about creating lasting change, I feel I’m qualified to offer my advice to others.

And I want to ask you the following question: For those of you who are unhappy with your current job and/or relationship:

Are you planning on doing what you’re currently doing for the next 30-40 years?

And there are 2 distinct types of people here:

  • The person who says “yes”. If this is their answer, I give them a look of incredulous shock and and wish them good luck on living out a sub par existence. There is little hope for this person. They have already settled for what life has given them, accepted their fate as corporate pawn, and are unwilling to make the effort to get more from life.
  • The person who says “no”. When they say this, and most people do, it’s usually bullshit. It’s bullshit because there are tens of millions of unhappy employees who are doing zero about their situation. Nobody in their right mind will tell you that they don’t want more from life. Everyone has hopes and dreams, experiences they want to have, and memories they want to create.

    For those of you who are already working towards ending you grind, I applaud you. Keep at it and don’t stop until you get what you’re looking for. If you aren’t, then I can’t urge you enough to start. Time slips by so quickly and you will regret not having started sooner, I promise you.

My goal with my blog and business is to help you cut through your bullshit reasons as to why you can’t and get you focused on how you can. In essence, a bullshit remover.

Enter The Shit Remover!

full of shit

I’ve eluded it to a few times, but I’m preparing to launch my WTFU Accountability Program in a few short weeks. I’m doing this for 3 reasons:

  1. You are in fact, full of shit.

    You will tell me that you are planning on finding a new job/starting a business/pursuing another avenue, etc, but you won’t and you don’t. I know this because you are doing the exact same shit you were doing 3 years ago. You need someone to call you out on your bullshit.

  2. You need someone to hold your hand.

    The last thing you need is another fucking eBook (yes, even mine) to tell you how to change your life. You will read it, apply 0% of it and move on to the next info product. You need someone to help push you out of your comfort zone and start making small changes. And let’s face it, few of us have truly supportive people that we can turn to for this.

  3. I care.

    I honestly do. I have seen firsthand how having someone holding you accountable to your commitments can make ALL the difference. When I started making changes in my life, I had someone there every day to keep me on point. It would have been so easy to say “fuck it” and resume my lifestyle because it was easier, but she was there to (not so gently) remind me why I was doing this and then offered up a swift kick in the nuts when I was screwing up.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

I believe in you. I believe every person has the ability to break out of their self imposed prisons and do something better. What I want is for you to spend the rest of your life feeling good about what lies ahead. What I want is for you to make the best of your time here, regardless of what that looks like.

And what I want is for you to look at me as an example of somebody who went from being an angry and miserable cynic on the verge of an emotional and physical breakdown to where I am today. Today I stand with my head high, feel more vibrant that I have in 20 years, and am absolutely pumped about my future.

Because if I can make these changes than I know you can! And I want to be the one to help you get there…

So what’s your excuse? How are you full of shit?

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