Yea, yea, we all have so many things to be thankful for. We are thankful for our friends and family, for that superbly interesting Macy’s Parade, and even for the Dallas Cowboys playing (and most likely losing) on Thanksgiving day.

That’s all well and fine but it’s boring. I’m here to share a few things that I am not thankful for during this special holiday…

Bosses that take the week of Thanksgiving and off and stick you with all the work.

Black Friday. I would rather watch reruns of All In The Family all day rather than venture out into the vulture laden stores and try to shop. God forbid I actually need something like diapers.

The whole “save 30% off of everything” scam. It’s so obvious that the stores mark up all their merchandise prior to the big “sale” and we actually receive much less of a discount than promoted. There is no chance in hell that I’m getting to Kohl’s at 3am to save $1.25 on a v-neck sweater.

Holiday drivers. Oh look honey…lights…ooohh, aaahhh. Let’s not forget that we’re driving here and that there are a hundred cars behind you who actually need to get someplace. Now move your ass before I run you off the road!
The time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mainly hate this because of the incredibly long lines everywhere. The gas station, the mall, every single store on earth, you get the idea.

The flu season. This season brings all those great viruses into our homes. Yippee! The stomach flu has my vote for bringing the most joy into my life. First you watch your kids get it and you have to clean everything up, then your spouse gets it and you have to clean everything up AND take care of your recovering children, then YOU get it and life just plain sucks.

Pushy commissioned salespeople. A word of caution: Never, never go into a furniture store just to look around or waste some time. It’s tempting to let your kids walk around and jump on the sofa’s, but don’t do it. Every cheesy sales guy wearing his only JC Penny suit and tie combo will be all over you every 5 minutes. Just get out and get out fast…

I could go on and on but most of you have probably already stopped reading this because I’m bringing you down.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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