I’m writing this post at 10:04 pm sitting 10 feet from the ocean in Duck Beach North Carolina. It’s a moonless night and nothing but the sound of the waves can be heard. The temperature is perfect and there is a slight cool breeze blowing. The conditions are literally perfect and it’s so peaceful on the nearly deserted beach that it would be remarkably easy to drift off to sleep right now.

The only thing on my mind right now is how grateful I am that I’m able to be here right now. I’m grateful because I’ve put myself in the position to be able to do this by making the choices I have over the last 6 months.

Earlier today, I walked for hours on the beach watching families playing together, kids boogie boarding, and tired parents sitting in their chairs trying to unwind from their ultra busy lives.

And I couldn’t help but think that although it’s a great time for them, it’s just a temporary fix. For more than 10 years, I worked a regular 9-5 job and took solace in my “vacation”, which consisted of chasing 2 small children around, planning, cooking, and cohabitating with my in-laws.

It was far from relaxing but still far better than being at work. But the reality was that just as quickly as I had my vacation, it was gone and I was right back in my cubicle.

My point is that we all seek temporary gratification by going away from our normal lives for a week or two in the form of a vacation, but do nothing to make permanent changes.

Have A Nice Now!

have a nice now

So I thought it was so fitting when a van pulled up beside me today with a surfboard with the words “have a nice now” on it. I thought it was pretty cool and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was so perfect for me to see this right now.

You all want, wish, hope, and dream for things in your life to be better. But what are you really doing about it? Thinking your life will be better down the road merely because time has passed is ridiculous. Thinking you will somehow manage to have a great new career or booming business in the future without actually planning for it and taking the steps necessary to get there is foolish.

What are you doing right now to change what your life will be like in the future?

And it really comes down to this moment. We can tell ourselves that we will spend more quality time with our kids or find a better job or take that trip but we don’t. We put it off until it’s too late. We settle for what we already have because it’s easier.

But life isn’t about being easy. Easy is the lazy way to go through life. Easy will pay the bills but nothing more. Easy will laugh in your fucking face when you are sitting in a state run nursing home living off of what’s left of Social Security while you wait to breathe your last breath.

Life is about living in the moment. It’s about taking risks in search of an awesome life. It’s about loving unconditionally, being true to who you really are and experiencing the true beauty of what the world offers.

I can’t tell you how passionate I am about this subject (although after writing more than 250 posts and 225,000 words on the subject, I’m sure as hell trying) and I’m doing the best I possibly can to be the catalyst for change for you.

I want you to get off your ass the moment you finish reading this and take one small step towards creating the life you know you want to have. And I want to be the one to help you along the way.

My Wake The Fuck Up Accountability Program was created for one reason; to help you take those steps towards what you know deep down is possible.

You can make permanent changes but you have to start by taking control of your life.

Grab Your Balls and Take Control


It’s a stone cold fact that tens of millions of you are living your lives based on fears and what other expect of you. And you are not in control of your life because of this. How can you expect for things to get better if you allow someone or something else to be in charge of how you live your life?

Feeling like you have no control over your life is a miserable thing. For many years I felt this way and I allowed it to dictate my entire life. I believed I was trapped and my attitude reflected this. I pissed away over 22,000 hours of my life being negative and feeling powerless.

But the fact is that we are in control. Every single decision we make is within our control. It’s up to us to decide to take it.

Now tell me…what can you do today to start working towards creating the life you want?


P.S. My WTFU Program closes tonight at midnight EST, so if you are ready for a kick in the ass, now is the time to go for it!

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