ETG Podcast: Episode 4

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Mead’s blog, for over a year and love his writing style, his passion, and what he’s teaching his readers.

Jonathan has build an incredible business online doing something he loves, and that something is helping people achieve freedom in their lives.

I won’t lie, I’m jealous of what he’s got going on. He has a successful business, a loyal and engaged community of readers, more clients than he can handle, and is living a lifestyle that most of us will only ever dream of.

One of the main reasons I sought Jonathan out was that his vision is very similar to mine. We both strongly believe that life is not meant to be spent staring at cubicle walls and that there is no reason that we can’t live the life we want.

Jonathan and I had a great conversation and I learned a lot during our short time together. A few things that stood out were:

  • Why society has taught us to believe that we need to live a conventional  life, one lacking in freedom over our time
  • Why it’s important to create a work/life balance
  • The importance of following your passion
  • The difference between being passionate about something and being passionate about the value you’re offering to people
  • Why the traditional means of monetizing your blog is not effective

Jonathan has also written several eBooks including one of the best free ones I’ve ever read. It’s called the Zero Hour WorkWeek. I highly recommend downloading it, you won’t be disappointed.

The idea behind this eBook is that if you really love what you do for a living, it’s not really work at all. If we can’t tell the difference between work and play, why would you want to eliminate work?

I thought this distinction was very interesting because many of us are caught up in the premise behind The 4 Hour WorkWeek, which is removing yourself from your business altogether.

So, I hope you enjoy the interview and please check Jonathan out at

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