As a blogger, I feel it’s extremely important to build relationships with other bloggers. After all, we are all interconnected on the web and it’s amazing how small it seems when you really get involved in the blogging community. Everyone seems to know everyone else and it’s almost like one big family.

Well, it’s like family without all the drama and fighting anyway.

Since I started this blog about 4 months ago, I have read hundreds of blogs, have subscribed (and unsubscribed) to dozens of newsletters, and looked for the best blogs I can find.

Throughout my online travels, I have managed to find a few blogs that really stand out and I have compiled a list of 8 of them that have inspired me in one way or another. I hope you will find them motivating as well.

The Inspirationals Although Nicholas Cardot’s site keeps popping up in my posts, I just couldn’t leave him off this list. He is passionate about teaching others, is extremely knowledgeable, and very humble about it all.

Site Sketch 101 is an incredibly valuable resource for those looking to improve their online presence. Each of his posts are well articulated and filled with thought provoking ideas.

What Inspires Me: Nick is probably the most sincere person I have met online. He gladly offers his help and expertise to anyone who needs it and seems to always to be willing to help someone out.

He can frequently be found on Twitter starting meaningful conversations and uses it to make friends, not contacts. His post, The Amazing Power of Friendship Marketing, sums up his approach.

One thing that stands out to me is that he will often make you think about the solution to a problem instead of just telling you. He really wants people to learn and get better. Imagine that! Jonathan Wondrusch runs this blog which started as a blog about creating killer eProducts and has transformed to a great resource for any blogger looking to build an awesome blog.

His writing style is genuine and unique and offers a lot of great information. He also found himself on Jade Craven’s superlist of 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011, which is an annual post she does for Darren at

He also has done a great interview at BlogCastFM, in which he talks about how to really love your customers. Definitely worth a listen.

What Inspires Me: There are only a handful of blogs that I visit every day and this is one of them. His writing is funny and conversational, yet filled with great information.

What really inspires me is his passion for helping others and creating a resource that is extremely valuable. This blog will dominate someday, so keep your eyes on it! This is Tristan Higbee’s blog and he is the zen master of comments. If your blog is not getting the number of comments you would like, you need to visit this site ASAP. Tristan has a very down to earth style and his posts are interesting and easy to read.

He has figured out the importance of community and is exploiting it to the max. I’m sure he spends a large amount of time commenting on other blogs and forming relationships and it looks like it’s paying off in spades.

What Inspires Me: I love comments and eagerly anticipate them each day. I have been trying hard to build them up on this blog and have looked to other sites to see what they are doing.

That’s how I found Tristan’s blog. He get tons of comments and is building a strong community and I love that. It’s all about interacting with your readers and he does it very well. Jacob Sokol is a very cool guy with a huge passion for inspiring people. I’ve had the chance to chat with him and he’s got a great outlook on life. Check out his post, The Easy Way to Inspire 8,000,000 People, and tell me that this guy isn’t on to something big here..

What Inspires Me: Jacob’s passion is contagious. Just talking with him or reading his posts is enough to make you feel better. You have to love someone who is so optimistic and just loves life. Go say “hello” to him, he’s definitely a great dude. Patricia Millman is the queen of commenting and chances are, she has probably left a comment on your blog!

Her blog is about lavender, but her posts lately have been focusing on social networking and building a business. She has mastered the art of building a network of friends through her commenting strategies and has built significant traction because of it.

What Inspires Me: The first thing that drew me to Patricia was her comments on my blog. Each comment she leaves is written thoughtfully and it’s obvious that she takes time to read through and understand each post. And I swear, I think some of her comments were actually better than my blog post!

If you check out her blog, you will see a massive amount of comments and this is all attributed to her dedication to helping others by leaving thoughtful and helpful comments. I’ve learned a lot from her style and approach to building a network. Joel is thrill seeking adventurist with a passion for all things impossible. He has a ton of things he wants to do and already has done. He is a motivating guy and has the ability to motivate his readers.

What Inspires Me: When you leave a blog feeling better than before you got there, you know you have found something special. That’s how I feel when I visit his site. He is optimistic and full of life. A nice change from the grind of the 9 to 5 for sure… This blog is all about a couple, Kim and Brian, and their dream of quitting their jobs and traveling around the world.

They are saving every dollar they can to be able to walk away from office life and live their true passion. If this isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.

Their goal is to leave in January 2012 and visit at least 16 countries. I am rooting for them 100% and plan to follow their progress online.

What Inspires Me: When someone can find what they’re most passionate about and then create a way to live it, it’s so inspiring. ow many people do you know that want to see what the world has to offer? Tons. How many are actually doing it? Ryan Sullivan has a great story. He is blogging about his journey from obesity to getting healthy and he does it with a strong dose of humor and wit.

Anyone who has struggled with being overweight can relate to his story, and his photos of his weight loss are incredible.

What Inspires Me: As a personal trainer, I can definitely appreciate his effort to get healthy and he is doing whatever it takes to do that. What inspires me the most is that Ryan has chosen to put his health first because of his family and wanting to be able to enjoy a better quality of life.

What Are You Waiting For?

Take some time to read through these blogs and hopefully you will find something that ignites a passion in you.

What inspires you? I would love to hear about it and if you have any blogs that you think could be on this list, please leave a comment and let me know.

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