Even if you’re relatively new to blogging/Internet marketing like I am, you probably have heard the term “information overload” already. This is what happens when you try to ingest large quantities of new information online. I don’t have to tell you that there is more information out there that we will ever be able to handle.

I have found myself many times reading a good article by let’s say, Darren Rowse, at Problogger.net. In his article he includes a link to another article that’s relevant to his own. I then click that link and read the second article. This article also has several links to other articles from other websites. Now, instead of reading 1 article, I have read 4 and also have 3 new websites that I now want to follow.

As you can see from this simple example, you are continuously going to find new and interesting things to read online. In my case, I try to read the same 4 or 5 blogs every day, but end up viewing about 12.

If you’re trying to get stuff done, like you know, build a business, then this is a massive time sucker. I know it yet I continue to do it. I am always searching for new information and so are most of you.

The learning curve is quite steep with Internet marketing and blogging (for me anyway), so spending time researching effective ways to improve your business is essential. Instead of reading everything you can get your eyeballs on, try to find a handful of great resources and stick to them. Check out my Resources Page for a few good sites.

Falling victim to information overload most likely will result in paralysis by analysis. This happens to me quite often and it’s when you have way too many things on your to-do list. You may have just read four really awesome blog posts and now you think you have to get them all done asap or your blog will be a failure.

So instead of just having to write one good post today, you now have to download the latest WordPress plug in, set up an auto responder, and create an email newsletter!

Do this a few times per week and you will soon find that your progress comes to a grinding halt. With an overwhelming to-do list and too few hours, panic sets in. How am I ever going to get everything done, you ask yourself. After the initial panic fades, despair sets in. Your next thought is ‘I’m never going to be successful because I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to’.

You are now overwhelmed to a point of paralysis. Your productivity has gone to zero because it won’t even make a small dent in the number of things you need to do.

So, now you have gone from being ultra excited about your blog to virtually throwing in the towel and writing the whole thing off as a “learning experience”. The scary part is that it happens all the time.

Clutter Free Your Mind

I’ve found that finding a mentor and following their system is a great way to keep your brain less cluttered. For example, I follow Yaro Starak’s methods of building a blog. He recommends taking specific, easy to follow steps for building a successful blog.

If you are reading about how John Chow, Brian Clark, and Darren Rowse all make their money, you are going to be one very confused person. They all have different methods that make them money. My advice is find someone whose style fits your own and learn from them.

My recommendation would be to find a few good, quality sites that resonate well with you and see if they offer a free Ebook. I’ve downloaded close to 25 free Ebooks on Internet marketing and blogging and have learned a great deal from them.

I must say that I’ve taken the cheapskate route to blogging thus far, meaning I haven’t paid for any premium content. There are tons of excellent programs to follow like Yaro’s Blog Mastermind Program or his Become A Blogger Course, but being broke, I choose to seek out free stuff! It seems like most successful bloggers are offering some type of free Ebook or mini-ecourse and you can learn a lot from them.

Just remember, you don’t need to learn everything right now! Learn just what you need to in order to take your blog to the next step. For example, don’t spend a week learning about the best affiliate programs if you only have 2 posts on your blog.

Just keep in mind that you will probably never feel like you know enough, so don’t sweat it. And the good news is that nobody else will either!

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