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Hello, my name is Dion Baker and I’m a job quitter.

That’s right. There is no shame in my quitting game. Admittedly, quitting a job is a simple process and, by itself, is not such a remarkable feat to accomplish. Just tell your “boss” you’re going to quit and leave, give them a date, and voila.

Not much to it. But the part that does makes it remarkable is the story and accompanying reasons for quitting the job. Those details create the vibrancy that makes the image of quitting so vivid. With that said, the following will be my literary artistic rendering of a why I quit. The first thing to address is…

What Type Of Job Was I Doing?

I was working for the US Department of Defense performing weapons systems logistics and program management assignments. In layman’s terms, I coordinated the transport of weapons systems from point A to point B for our military and for international armies. All of this was under the guise of US geopolitics.

I did that for 5 years and, from day one, knew that it was not in accord with who I was. Morally and ethically, I never felt 100% comfortable with it. Pushing weapons systems around the world just didn’t resonate with me. But, I proceeded to prostitute my morality for 5 years.

What Would Convince Me To Stick Around?

That’s a simple question to answer because there are several clear reasons. Each of these reasons is a close correlate to the same reasons many continue prostituting themselves Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, in the name of a j-o-b. My reasons boiled down to:

  • Keeping a safe, secure government job. Gotta love that!
  • Getting a steady paycheck. Gotta get that money!
  • Playing it safe and building job experience. Gotta have a job!

Each of these reasons stems from one root word: fear! Upon further analysis of my fear-based reasoning, I decided that each of these legitimate reasons were bullshit. To see why these reasons are toilet paper status, let’s take a quick look at the some of the fear-based buzz words: safe, secure, job.


Not for me. As I learned more and more about the global impacts of what I was involved sticking around became everything but safe. Plus, the continuous support for the reckless, fallacious so-called War on Terror was like a vice grip on my personal convictions. It’s not safe to sacrifice yourself for any damn job. Period.


This is a joke. We all know that no job is secure, per se. Anyone can be subject to downsizing, firing, or simple job closures. Besides, today’s elevated unemployment rate includes many people who had “secure” jobs.

The government has a strong reputation for being more secure than most and that’s a point I won’t necessarily argue. But I will tell you that military bases do close, pay freezes happen, and “reductions in force” take place leaving many people feeling quite insecure about their positions.


For many, this can be defined as “the over glorified effort to get a steady paycheck”. It sounds cool at the cocktail parties, happy hour socials, and is a great way to gain rapport with other folks. Just think of how cool is was for me to be able to tell someone I had a j-o-b working for the Department of Defense as if I sat next to President Obama. Truth be told, it’s all transitory.

So What Are You Doing Now Without A Job?

Now, I’m working on building my business online with WOMB Apparel – a self-empowerment lifestyle tee-shirt brand. Rather than having the mission of propagating weapons systems into the world, I propagate my mission to self-empower and educate. The site launched in December of 2010. There is no moral prostitution involved since I create in accord with my mission and vision.

Is it a safe, secure job? No, this is entrepreneurship and there’s a different set of rules for building a legitimate business versus being a government employee. The holy trinity of “safe, secure, job” isn’t one that echoes through the halls of my mind. That phrase has been replaced with “opportunity, cash flow and systems”. I give my praise to that.

Quitting the j-o-b was not the easiest thing to do. In the process of quitting I discovered a lot about myself and had to confront my deeply held fears. But quitting went from an option to a necessity, as I could no longer support a mission I discovered to be incongruent with my identity.

If your j-o-b is the same for you, I advise you work on making your exit now. Look at the calendar, mark a resignation date, and get ready to jump… somewhere. Whether it’s another j-o-b opportunity that works for you or an entrepreneurial adventure.

The time is now.

Dion Baker is the creator of Infinite Productions LLC – an educational company dedicated to self-empowerment through creative media. He launched the empowerment lifestyle fashion brand WOMB Apparel in 2010 and recently authored the book titled ReBirth Certificate the wisdom of mind and body (WOMB) philosophy of creation.

He is a hip hop vocalist and writer with a catalog of songs about spirituality, metaphysics, sociology, politics, race, and economics. His blog can be found at

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