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I Want More

Everyone tells me I have a great job – “Oh you work from home, that must be fun! You get to make your own schedule and work whenever you want!”.

Sorry everyone, but it doesn’t work that way. Working from home as a web developer has its perks, but at the end of the day, it’s just another boring job. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for my job, but I want more.

The Beginning

Growing up, my parents emphasized the importance of “job security” and “earning a living”. I bought into this “risk avoidance” philosophy which put me on the path to getting a “real job” so I could work hard and save for retirement.

As soon as I went to college and got away from my parents, I realized this message didn’t make sense for me. I knew that I needed to create something of my own, something that was different than what my parents and everyone else seemed to be doing.

An Eye Opener


While I finished my engineering degree, I knew I wanted to start my own business, but it didn’t seem possible. Traditional business ventures require investments, debt, and overhead and I had no interest in any of these experiences. I set out to find a business I could bootstrap which led me to the concepts of passive income and creating websites for profit.

That was a little over 2 years ago and ever since I have been working with my brother to create a blogging business. We create various blogs and niche sites and make money through affiliate links.

Our plan is to quit our jobs once we are making enough money to support ourselves. We are making a little money each month which is awesome, but not nearly enough to quit our jobs, which is the ultimate goal.


I usually spend 7 to 8 hours a day doing web development work (i.e. staring at a computer screen). Around 5-6pm, I stop working my “day job” and start working on my blogs. I put in about 3-4 hours of work on my blogs every night with occasional breaks to eat and have some kind of a life outside of the Internet.

The juggling act of my day job and trying to start a blogging business on the side has put me in full grind mode.

My Way Out


My way out of the grind can be summed up in a simple phrase – Let go and flow.

“Let go and flow” doesn’t mean I sit back and wait for something good to happen. It means that I constantly remind myself to take a step back, examine the situation, and look for clues that will get me where I want to be.

I wish I could tell you that this philosophy has led me to all kinds of wealth and success, but this is real life and it hasn’t happened yet. I can tell you that by learning to “let go and flow”, I have eliminated most of my day-to-day stress, gained a trust in myself and others to create the success I desire, and introduced a stillness in my life that has literally kept me sane while I grind it out.

I know this sounds abstract which is why I created to explain this concept and show others how I put it into action. Meditation is the number one thing I promote and my goal is to help as many people as possible learn about how to use meditation to create success.

Everyday, meditation is helping me get through the grind and in the end, it will help me let go of the grind for good.

David DiGiovanni is the author of On his blog, David shares his experiences as he creates success and happiness by learning to “let go and flow”. You can also follow @DavidDiGiovanni on Twitter.

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