I want you to do something right now. I want you to look back at your life as it was 10 years ago.

Take a few moments to really think about who you were then, where you were in life, and what you had to look forward to.

There’s a good chance you were in a much different place. I won’t say a better place, but probably a simpler place.

Try to remember the feeling you had when you could do anything! You could stay out all night without any repercussions (aside from a killer hangover), you could spend your hard earned money however you chose, and you could sit in front of your tv playing XBOX for 14 hours straight if you wanted.

It’s not that you would do all these things, but rather that you could…

Your life wasn’t filled to the brim with errands, responsibilities, and never ending to-do lists. Looking back, life was a breeze. Is it coming back to you yet?

Think about your mindset. You knew what you wanted in life. You wanted to be fit, wealthy, and completely happy. That was going to be your life!

The world was truly your oyster.

Think about all the ambition, drive, and hope you had. Your future was limitless and there was nothing or nobody that could stand in the way of your dreams.

Life was going to be awesome, right?


Then one morning you wake up and realize 10 years have passed. You’ve become like Nicholas Cage in “The Family Man” and you realize that you’re living a life you never thought you would have.

The carefree existence you once had has been replaced with insanely high levels of stress and even higher levels of consumer debt.

Children are running around the house screaming, the lawn needs to be mowed, you need to pick up your pants at the dry cleaners, and you need to get to Safeway ASAP because you have a 50% off coupon for bologna that’s about to expire.

Instead of working hard and playing harder, you are working harder and not playing at all.

You have a vague recollection of the last 10 years, but aren’t quite sure how you went from being unstoppable to being a doormat.

You swore you would never be one of those people who you saw standing in massively long lines at Costco on a Saturday morning holding diapers in one hand and tampons in the other and looking like they want to keel over and die.

You were not going to become like everyone else and settle for a job you hated, live paycheck to paycheck, and eke out a tolerable but highly unfulfilling existence.

Your life has become a never ending grind of errand running, home improvements, and schedule following. Your life is no longer fun, it’s work!

The desire to work for Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs has been replaced by actually working for Bill Lumbergh.


Your dream of cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway in a brand new black BMW 325i has been replaced with driving a rusted out Chevy Astro minivan with 186,000 miles on it and no air conditioning.

The prestigious and important career you planned on having has turned into a meaningless job where you are told when you can take your 30 minute lunch break.

Your lifelong commitment to fitness and health has slowly faded into a lifelong commitment to just making it through the day without losing your shit and having a meltdown of epic proportions.

You look in the mirror each morning and see not George Clooney, but rather George Costanza.


What The Fuck Happened To My Life?

How many times have you been staring at your dull gray cubicle walls, thinking of being anywhere else, and wondering what went wrong? How did I end up here? What did I do or not do to be in this position? Why is life so fucking hard all the time?

How many times have you come oh so close to walking into your boss’s office and quitting right there and then? How many times have you talked yourself out of it because you were scared of losing that “security”?

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to find a new job? How many times have you actually seriously looked?

How many times have you come home and spread your anger and negativity all over your family? How many times have you regretted it?

How many times have you held your tongue because if you hadn’t, you would have told your boss what a worthless fucking piece shit they were? How many times have you been so pissed at yourself because you didn’t?

Yes, My Friend, You Are Trapped in Hell on Earth!

The bad news is that you are trapped in a world of shit. A life filled with stress, anger, and resentment with a huge side of keep-you-awake-at night responsibility. No, life is not good for you, my friend.

Life has taken a turn of events that has led you away from a life of lying on white sandy beaches sipping frozen strawberry margaritas and into a life of getting served mortgage default papers instead. Not exactly what you had in mind.

Instead of traveling the world racking up thousands of frequent flyer miles on your credit cards, you’re racking up thousands of dollars worth of 15% debt on those cards instead.

Instead of waking up with passion and meaning, you wake up to another day of building someone else’s dream, not yours.

Your idea of happiness is no longer backpacking through Yosemite National Park with your buddies but has instead become reading about someone else doing it.

Your biggest fear is no longer skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef or bungee jumping off the Space Needle. Your biggest fear is getting fired from the “secure” job you hate more than anything else in this world.

Your reality is no longer heading to Vegas for the weekend for a little gambling and hanging out. Your reality now is just trying to get the fuck out of your office before your boss sees you leaving.

Your thoughts are no longer of bringing the world to it’s knees. It’s you who is on their knees begging for a sign of hope, a sign that things will get better, a sign that this is not all there is to life….

You Have 2 Choices: Give Up or Step Up


You are like 95% of people who will accept your fate as is. You will not venture forth the effort needed to make a dramatic change. You will life a life of mediocrity.

This sucks more than anything else you will ever do

This isn’t entirely your fault…

You have been beaten down, worn out, emotionally drained, and had your confidence stripped away from you.

You have been taught since birth that you needed to follow a system that does not bring happiness or wealth. You have been told to do what everyone else is doing.

You have been told that failure is bad and that happiness comes from within. You have been given a false sense of hope that corporate America will provide you with security.

You have been told that it’s OK to be mediocre. You have been to not rock the boat.

A Lifetime of Average

You are living a life of complete averageness and will spend the rest of your days wishing for something, anything, to change.

Well, guess what? It won’t. Why? Because you are scared shitless that you will have less than you have now if you fail. Because you have already subscribed to the belief that you can’t. When we think we can’t do something, guess what, we can’t!

The problem is that you have already failed and don’t know it yet. Am I calling you a failure? No. I’m telling you that you have failed yourself up to this point because you have given up on living an incredible life.


Well, let me tell you something about failure:

  • Spending 40-50 years working a shit job just for a paycheck is failure.
  • Living in fear of losing a job you hate is failure.
  • Allowing your dreams to be taken from you by people who don’t matter is failure.
  • Spending the best years of your life building something for someone else and nothing for yourself is failure.
  • Playing life not to lose instead of playing to win is failure
  • Choosing unmeaningful and unimportant work because it’s easier is failure
  • Living paycheck to paycheck your whole life is failure
  • Allowing hope and luck to control your future is failure
  • Adhering to the status quo because that’s what you’re supposed to do is failure
  • Dying without having impacted this world in a remarkable way is failure

You know what I say? Fuck failure. Failure is for the lazy and the weak. If you want to make shit happen in your life, you have to take life by the balls and run. That’s it.

Don’t wait until that next 4% cost of living raise. Don’t wait until your Acura is paid off. Don’t wait until your kids go off to college.

If you wait for those things, you will never do it. You will procrastinate yourself right into guaranteed life of mediocrity.

It’s All Bullshit

The good news is that your life can change. It can turn a complete 180 if you have the balls. Will you ever get to live the life you had 10 years ago? Probably not. But you know what? Your life can be ten times more fulfilling then it was back then.

What you need is balls.

You need balls to face and beat the fear that is controlling your decision to stay in your current life. That fear is incredibly powerful, which is why most of you will do nothing, and in turn, get nothing.

You need balls to reclaim your long forgotten dreams of doing and being something extraordinary. You need balls to take your life back.

You need balls to step up to the plate and take the biggest swing of your life. If you miss, so what. Swing again and again. The only way you will ever strike out is if you walk away from the plate. DON’T YOU DARE!

Your life CAN become great! Will it? Well, that’s completely up to you. If I could change it for you, believe me, I would. But I’m not here to tell you what to do.

I’m here to get you to wake the fuck up to the fact that what you are doing with your life right now IS NOT WORKING.

Every person has it within themselves to live the life they most want, whatever that may be.

  • Do you want to wake up each morning with enthusiasm?
  • Do you want to live with a sense of purpose?
  • Do you want to live without the “mandatory” responsibilities that we are told we need to have?
  • Do you want to be above average?
  • Do you want to raise your children instead of paying someone to do it for you?
  • Do you want to actually enjoy your life?
  • Do you want to see the wonders of the world before you’re too old to do it?

If so then you need to find a way and make it happen. I know you’ve already come up with dozens  of reasons why you can’t, like:

  • I’m broke
  • I’m too far in debt
  • I’m dealing with personal issues
  • I have too much going on right now
  • I don’t have enough time

Me too. All of them. So what.

In truth, the only reason you aren’t doing the things you want most in life is that you’re scared. You know what? We all are.

Your time here is short. Incredibly short. You need to be asking yourself each and every day if you are living your life or just getting by. We both know the answer to this question.

It’s your job to find out what matters most to you in life and then do whatever it takes to make it your reality. That’s it. Let me repeat that-whatever it takes!

A quote from one of the best movies ever about freedom, The Shawshank Redemption, says it best, “get busy living or get busy dying“. Most of us are so busy dying that we never get to living.

What are YOU going to do?

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