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My name is Bernardo and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do things I love every single day of my life. My biggest wake up call to start my vlog and kick my sharing of my gift with the world on overdrive came as a result of my father’s death.

During the last few months, I have realized how fragile life is and how crucial it is to do what my heart longs for every day without letting any excuses stop me. So in the last four months I have recorded approximately 100 videos with an focus on helping people reconnect with their true self which is limitless.

My hope is that one of the ideas I get to share with you today touches your heart in some way so that you can remember what’s really important in your life and focus on ways to share your gifts with the world.

My wish is that you realize that what you have to offer is unique and that there’s always a way to make it happen if you’re committed. Drop me a line once you watch my video and let me know what you love most in life and how often you get to live it?

[author gravatar=””]Bernardo Mendez runs YourGreatLifeTV, a blog dedicated to helping people experience life in the most meaningful way possible.

He has volunteered at many Tony Robbins’ seminars across the world and has gained invaluable insights into how to help others create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.[/author]

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