Today I have a special video post from my friend and fellow blogger, Jacob Sokol from

When I first started this blog, I knew zippy about pretty much everything to do with blogging. In my search for help and direction, I came across Jacob’s site and decided to reach out to him.  His blog and message hit me right between the eyes and I loved the passion he had for what he was doing. We had a great conversation, became friends, and have been supporting each other since.

Jacob, like me, is someone who is tired of the status quo, listening to people tell us what responsibility means, and living well below our potential. He has inspired me many times to step out of my comfort zone, dig deeper into my heart for answers, and start challenging my fears.

Last week, Jacob emailed me to tell me that after an incredible amount of hard work and many all nighters, he was finally launching his product, Living On Purpose-An Uncommon Guide To Finding, Living, and Rocking Your Life’s Purpose.

Because he has spent so much time and has poured his heart into creating this product, I wanted to help him however I could. He was kind enough to create a video post for my readers which will tell you a little about who he is and about his purpose.

Jacob is Living On Purpose

As you can tell, Jacob is a super passionate guy. Believe me when I tell you that he’s the real deal.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you know that I rarely promote things here. I’m being completely honest when I say that I am promoting Jacob’s product for 2 reasons only:

  1. It’s a kick ass product that can have a significant impact on your life
  2. Jacob is a great guy and I very much want to see him succeed online and NOT have to go get another job!

If you do happen to purchase his product here, I will get an affiliate commission but that has nothing to do with why I’m doing this. This is about supporting a friend, helping him pursue his dream, and sharing a wonderful product.

OK, what’s the hell is the product already?!?

Jacob’s 155 page eBook is called Living On Purpose-An Uncommon Guide To Finding, Living, and Rocking Your Life’s Purpose. I have read it, although it took me a while since it’s so comprehensive, and loved it!

He’s got tons of great ideas, tips, and exercises that are designed to help you discover your passion, handle your fears, find happiness, and start living a meaningful life.

In Jacob’s words:

The first step in living an enthusiastic life is knowing it’s possible. I want you to know it’s possible. I want you to experience that feeling of “emptiness” being metamorphosized into peace and fulfillment. No matter who tells you what, you deserve to live a life filled with purpose. You deserve to live an extraordinary life.

 On Purpose is the way to do that. It’s the answer to, “How do I wake up enthusiastic in the morning?” It’s the solution to “How can I be utterly and ridiculously in love with my life?” (and not just for a few weeks or months.)

The guide is designed to walk you through the exact steps you need to take to find, live and ROCK your purpose in life. You’ll learn about the different types of purposes in life and what yours are. You’ll recognize that something better is “calling” and it’s okay for you to walk away from the rat race because of your one hidden need.”

In addition to the eBook, Jacob offers the audio and video version of it as well as having 10 interviews with awesome people like Jonathan Mead from, Jenny Blake from, and Pamela Slim from

If you are struggling with trying to find your purpose, live with passion, or end your grind, this is definitely worth a look. If you’d like to check it out, Jacob’s been kind enough to offer the first chapter for free.

He has also given me several copies to give away, so if you are interested in winning a copy, I will be drawing 3 names from my email list on Wednesday 8/31. So if you’re not subscribed, here you go! I’ll also be drawing 1 name from my Facebook fan page as well.

Even if you have no intention of buying Jacob’s guide, at least head over to and say “hello” and show your support. As some of you know, trying to create a successful launch is ultra stressful and I know he’s busted his ass on this. It’s nice to know that people care..

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or reviews on his product or better yet, how YOU are living on purpose!

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