ETG Podcast: Episode 12

Sean Ogle runs a very cool blog called Location180, which is about helping people create online businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world. He’s been all over the world and is actually living the lifestyle of his choice.

There are so many blogs out there (including mine) that talk about lifestyle design, living on your own terms, and being passionate about life but aren’t actually doing them yet. Sean is.

His online businesses afford him to live anywhere he wants, enjoy his life, and experience life to the fullest. If you don’t believe me, watch his video on his “About” page. Pure inspiration.

Sean and I had a great chat and I enjoyed his easy going nature and humility. He seems like someone who is genuinely happy with their life. How many people do you know that can say the same?

In our conversation, a few things stuck out to me:

  • Instead of letting his fears control his life, he took action towards moving past them. They paid off!
  • Why learning marketable skills can help you end your grind much quicker that you think.
  • The two things that are holding you back from living your ideal lifestyle.
  • How he found an underserved market, filled the demand, and is earning passive income every day from it now.

Sean also has an excellent free eBook called Location Rebel Arsenal, which details all the tools he uses to run his businesses from anywhere. I’ve read it and there are a lot of great tips and ideas for online entrepreneurs.

Thanks again to Sean and I hope you enjoy the interview! And if you do enjoy this interview,why not listen to the rest of them and subscribe to my Podcast in iTunes?!?

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