ETG Podcast: Episode 20

One of the things I love about  the Internet is that I get to meet awesome people every day. I don’t remember how it happened, but it was not too long ago when I found Natalie Sisson’s blog,

I remember reading through her About Page and reading a few of her posts and thinking “this woman has her shit together”. She’s built successful businesses, won all sorts of writing, social media, and entrepreneurship awards, been a competitive bodybuilder, is planning on biking across Africa, and a whole host of other fascinating things.

Talk about living

She came from a corporate background and after realizing that entrepreneurship was the path for her, she started her online business. Her mission is to empower women in business and is very powerful.

To quote it:

“To blow the top off history and create a movement where women court bolder dreams and turn them into reality by starting their own 6 figure online businesses. A world where women want to shape and change the way in which we do business. Watch out world.

Natalie is a shining example of someone who used her skills and personality to create the exact business she wanted. The result is that she loves what she does and her results speak for themselves.

She’s become a self taught social media expert and has a successful consulting business which is on track for a 6-figure year in 2011! That’s  awesome, I mean who wouldn’t love to earn $100k+ doing what they are most passionate about?

I know I would and I know it’s very possible.

I was really impressed by Natalie’s confidence and specialized knowledge and I enjoyed our discussion quite a lot.  Some of the things we spoke about were:

  • What two things are holding people back from living their passions
  • Why you should master one social media platform before moving to another
  • The importance of being strategic with your social media campaign
  • Some of her favorite and very useful Twitter tools (some of which I had not heard of)

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