It’s been just about 7 months since I started this blog and I’ve loved every minute of it. Even when I was too tired to form a single thought, I was still loving it.

When I started in October, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do with this blog but I did know I wanted to spread the word about living a better life.

It all makes much more sense now.

To date I have received over 1,400 comments and have learned so much about my readers and about life in general. I’ve found the most satisfaction in getting those comments or emails telling me that they have a new outlook on their life because of something I said or what I’m doing.

It’s an incredible feeling knowing that you are impacting someone’s life in a positive way. If only a single person took my advice, quit their dead end job, found their passion, and started living their best life, all of this would be worth the time I’ve spent on it.

Know Your Audience

Most of us have heard that we as bloggers need to know who we are writing for. It makes sense, right? If we know who is reading our posts, we can give them what they want.

Better yet, if we as the blogger are in the same demographic as our readers, then we have an even better chance of understanding what they want.

I’ve pored over every single comment I have gotten and have visited every website of each commenter. What I’ve found is that virtually all of my commenters are bloggers, many of them relatively new.

Of course commenters represent only a small percentage of our readers, so in order to find out more about those who do not leave comments, we need to dig a little.

The Most Honest Blog Review Service You’ll Find

Through the numerous emails I have received asking for help with various aspects of blogging, I’ve decided to start a no holds barred blog review service. The idea of my service is to offer a brutally honest approach to telling you why your blog isn’t working.

Let’s be honest, most bloggers will spend their days in relative obscurity. Getting noticed isn’t easy, especially when we are competing against more than 100 million other blogs.

My service is meant to help new bloggers get off the ground and take off quickly. Unfortunately, many bloggers will not invest the time to make themselves stand out and will end up just being more noise in the blogosphere.

If you are having a hard time getting traffic to your site, can’t figure out why the average time on your site is :35, or have no clue how to approach social media, then this is a great service for you.

You have nothing to lose as I offer a complete 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

Why Now?

Ideally, I would never monetize my blog. Why? I love the feeling of giving without receiving. Unfortunately, I need to earn a living and as you all know, my goal is to leave a fairly high paying job to work online full-time. Not gonna be easy….

Of course that will never happen if I don’t start trying to earn money, duh!

I feel the time is right because I have spent countless hours doing the grunt work that most new (and serious) bloggers need to go through to see results. It’s a long learning process and I feel like I can help people save a lot of time here.

I also plan to continue to introduce new services and products in 2011 and 2012 and appreciate everyone’s feedback and support.

The Podcast Commeth!

In addition to my blog review service, my Podcast is finally being rolled out next week!

Back in February, I wrote a post, A Little Help From My Friends, asking for input as to what you all would like to see on Ending The Grind. The results indicated that a Podcast would be a great addition to the site and I agreed.

Of course, I have dragged my feet on this for months and finally got around to committing to it. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but after my first interview today with Matthew from, I feel 10x better.

I have about 10 interviews scheduled with some really awesome people and I hope they become a source of great inspiration for you.

Going Forward

I’m so excited about the future of this blog and am very thankful for all the incredible people who visit and for those who share their inspiring stories with us each week.

And as always, I am open for suggestions, feedback, and comments. Please feel free to connect with my anytime.

Thanks for reading!

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