Take Your Life Back. Or Don’t

Think I want you to do something right now. I want you to look back at your life as it was 10 years ago. Take a few moments to really think about who you were then, where you were in life, and what you had to look forward to. There’s a good chance you were […]

Standing Up and Not Making Sense: The Pursuit of Freedom

This is a guest submission by Eugene from RealityBurst.com The School Years I’ve always fallen into things. From the very beginning, schoolwork came easy to me. And I became really good at providing exactly what the teachers/professors wanted while putting in minimal effort. This allowed me to get into honors programs in school. Followed by […]

ETG Podcast 9: Talking Risk With Tyler Tervooren

ETG Podcast: Episode 9 I found Tyler’s blog, Advanced Riskology, when I first started this blog. I was visiting tons of blogs trying to learn as much as I could and I kept seeing his name everywhere. What I found was that he had a very unique blog and his message was very clear; help […]

Life Is Short. Make It Wide

This is a guest submission by Colleen from ColleenFriesen.com “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and glorious life?” – Mary Oliver Go Big or Lagom Lagom (lah-GOME) is a Swedish word. I don’t think there is an equivalent word in English. To my best understanding lagom means ‘just […]

The Choice To Leave Behind A "Normal "Life

This is a guest submission by Julia from JuliaTarquinio.com There are many things I could say about why I decided to up and leave a job, an apartment, bills and family in New York City to experience life in Costa Rica. I was tired of working 10 hour days as a teacher who was making […]

Take Action TODAY On Ending Your Grind

The grind sucks, plain and simple. We are working our asses of for little more than a paycheck in return. We are trapped in the rat race, overworked, and under appreciated. Life is far too short for it to be spent this way. We need out! We are not building our future, but rather someone […]

ETG Podcast 8: Get More Cash And Joy With Catherine Caine

ETG Podcast: Episode 8 For those of you unfamiliar with Catherine from CashandJoy.com, she is one of the most down to earth and pleasant people you will probably ever meet. Not only that, she is a fantastic marketer and is living the mythical “Internet lifestyle” that we hear so much about. I really had a […]

Confessions Of A Serial Quitter

This is a guest submission by Sally from unbravegirl.com I don’t mean to brag or anything (okay, maybe I do – just a teensy bit), but this whole ending-the-grind thing? I’m, like, an expert at it.  You see, I haven’t held down a single job longer than three years since I was eighteen. (Which was […]

Finding the Bridge Between Your Passion And The Job You Hate

This is a guest submission by Eric from My4hrWorkWeek.com The Internet is full of entrepreneurs and “wanna-be” entrepreneurs suggesting that you quit your job and pursue your passion.  Some take a conservative approach and wait until they are earning a sufficient income outside of their “9 to 5” job, while others abruptly jump off the […]

From Zero To Podcast In 2 Weeks

Let me preface this article by saying that I am the farthest thing from an expert when it comes to Podcasting. This is merely a post outlining the exact steps I took in order to have my own Podcast up and running and on iTunes in 2 weeks, with virtually no knowledge about how any […]