When I started my year long journey on January 2, I knew one thing. And that was this was going to be a year of change and progress.

The goal from the start has been to begin taking action towards improving my life. My life has become a miserable grind over the years and I decided not long ago to transform my life by spending 2012 thinking differently and doing things differently. It personal growth, learning, challenging myself, and questioning society’s norms all in one.

Things have been going well and I have been making progress thus far, and am already seeing results in my life, albeit minor ones.

And this journey is not just about me, but about my group of “Grinders” and all of you! As I’ve mentioned before, the reason I’m doing this is not solely to improve my life, but to offer hope and inspiration to others who are in a similar situation in their lives.

It’s A Movement

I’m not here to change the world, but I do want to start something very meaningful-a movement if you will..and this movement needs to be branded. It needs an image, a look.

You may remember the bored cubicle worker image I used to have in my header. That was me for a long, long time. But that is something I am leaving behind and doesn’t represent where I am going or who I want to become.

Life is an open road with all sorts of twists and turns, hills and valleys. Instead of it being filled with disappointment, indifference, and apathy, it can be filled with excitement, passion, and meaning. For many of us who have become grinders, the answer is transforming ourselves.

How can we become great, do great things, or be truly happy when we allow ourselves to be at the mercy of our jobs, the bad economy, our bad relationships, etc.

We can’t. That leaves us with nothing more than life’s table scraps..

I need an image that encompasses all of these feelings. And this leaves me with a small problem…

What The Hell Does Transformation Look Like?

Going through a deep personal transformation will look like different things to different people. For me, it’s rediscovering my passions, finding what makes me happy, and understanding my motivations and “why’s”.

It’s about going from a grumpy and disgruntled employee to a person content with what life has to offer and where I am in it. It’s about personal freedom and having something wonderful to look forward to.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not creatively gifted. I actually think I was born with two left sides of the brain..

And this is why I need your help figuring this out. My goal is to create a powerful brand here and therefore need a powerful image to go along with it.

If this is a project that you want to support, I need you to let me know your thoughts on this. I’m not asking you to spend all day thinking about the perfect image, but I would love to hear your thoughtful ideas.

Many of you are much more creative and “out of the box” thinkers than I am and I’m looking to you for unique ideas for branding this blog and this project.

Picture yourself embarking on a personal quest to become a better person, crushing the shit out of your comfort zone and challenging your self imposed barriers along the way.

Now what would that look like?

I have some general ideas of what it looks like to me. Things like:

  • A man climbing the side of a steep mountain or crossing an almost impassable valley or trench
  • Someone or something standing at the foot of a mountain looking up
  • A man throwing a wrench into gears gears in triumph (thanks Hugh)
  • A man breaking free from chains, prison or a desk (although I don’t plan to leave my desk job for at least a year)

These are all pretty traditional ideas and have been played out many times before. Although I do like Hugh’s idea better than my own, I am still looking for something unique and that really stands out.

So please take a moment and offer up your thoughts on this and tell me:

What does transformation look like to you?

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